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Packing for London : what to bring with you for the perfect experience

Packing for London : what to bring with you for the perfect experience

When you google what to pack for a semester or a year in London, everybody writing about it tries to give you the longest list possible of things to pack. It gets a little bit ridiculous at one point. If you’re getting ready for the adventure that studying in London will be, take a moment before you pack to find out just exactly what you do need to fit in that suitcase – and what you don’t.

Students Packing for London : What to pack

Prescription and other medication that you need to take regularly

Nobody wants to spend their first day in a pharmacy. Don’t let that put your health or welfare in danger! Make sure you take your regular pharmaceuticals with you. If you suffer from heart burn, head aches or stuff like that very often, take whatever you usually take with you for the flight. If you are under prescribed medication, pack a box of that too.

Don’t pack: A ‘first aid suitcase’ with every single pill, powder and gel you can find. Some checklists will remind you to take “plasters, sunscreen, insect repellent, hand lotion, shaving cream, paracetamol, vitamins, flu medication, sore throat medication” and more. Yes, you’re going on an adventure – doesn’t really mean you’ll be stranded from civilization.  A quick Yell search identifies at least 1142 pharmacies in London. Don’t stock up for six months! When you run out, chances are you’ll have a pharmacy within walking distance.

London Erasmus students packing
Keep it sensible: you won’t need a first aid suitcase!

A converter

Because plugs in England have 3-pins. Scientists and engineers say these 3-pin plugs are safer! You’ll want a converter for your first nights, so you can keep charging your computer, camera, phones and other devices.

Don’t pack: a converter for every device you’re taking. Because that would be something like 42 converters. If you really want to charge everything at once, every day, take a converter and an extension cable from home. By plugging the extension to the wall through the converter, you can keep everything connected! Be careful with that electrical bill, though.

Erasmus London experience: pack a converter
The plug used in the UK (left) vs the plug used in many other countries

A camera (or a phone with a decent one!)

Anything goes as long as it fits in your pocket. You’re going to want to remember the next five or six months .  Be able to look back six months or six years from now and relive the best times of your student life. … Sometimes a camera is even useful to remember just exactly you were doing last night!

Don’t pack: a professional mega-monster camera Because they do take quite a lot of space off your bag and weight off your cabin allowance. Besides all that, they’re usually expensive and fragile and not the kind of thing you’d take with you to record a pub crawl or any event during fresher’s week. Personally, I wouldn’t risk it being stolen or getting broken.

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Photographing your Erasmus London experience
Top tip: pack a camera that fits in your pocket… and take it with you everywhere you go!

All those little things that make a ton of difference

For example: if you’ve got some sense of curiosity and adventure, try to find a place for these somewhere in between your shirts and your socks. You’ll want as much as this as possibly fits your bag.  Don’t forget to pack plenty of fun-drive as well! You’ll want to literally stuff this into as many pockets as possible, you’re going to need it.

Always remember the golden rule Check and double-check your flight’s luggage allowance. Weigh and measure all your bags to make sure they are within the standards set by the airline you’ll be flying.

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