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4 Incredible Alternative Markets in London

4 Incredible Alternative Markets in London

Markets in London

London, the alternative city par excellence! Oh, you’ve decided to study here? Then you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of opportunities to discover something unusual and not that touristy during your study breaks?

Today I want to tell you about four of the city’s coolest markets. Of course, there are the very famous markets that are a must go on every trip to London: I’m talking about Portobello Road and Camden Market. These are surely unmissable, but too well known and busy with tourists!

Instead, what about starting your tour with the best alternative markets in London? Take some notes and your London shopping trips will have an even more authentic taste!

1. Petticoat Lane Market

Close to Liverpool Street Station, this market dates back to the nineteenth century. If you love shopping, you’ve come to the right place. Petticoat Lane has huge choice of clothing for your alternative tastes, but believe me, it has a lot more to give than just that. The many objects (shoes, electronics, music, movies and toys) and low prices characterise this market – well-loved by the area’s residents. It’s the cradle of happiness for us girls. You’ll go crazy with more than 100 stalls at your disposal!

Petticoat Lane schedule: Every Sunday at Middlesex Road and adjacent streets, and from Monday to Friday on Wentworth Street

2. Old Spitalfields Market

Markets in London: Old Spitalfields Market
by Flickr user: La Citta Vita


Within walking distance of Petticoat Lane lies an even more historic market. Colourful and vibrant stalls offer all sorts of crafts, and alternative restaurants and shops liven this trendy place up. Besides the vintage clothing, here you can find several stands and specialised in period accessories, jewellery, books, design, discs and photography.

Are you ready to find the perfect piece? Just be a bit patient and keep the willingness to search for the object that you wanted so badly: you WILL find it here.

Old Spitalfields Market schedule: Thursday, Friday and Sunday (the first and third Friday of the month also have a records exhibition)

3. Greenwich Market

Markets in London: Greenwich Market
by Flickr user: Robert Wallace

For all those who love crafts, design, antiques and paintings. This market is the perfect place for a truly original shopping spree. And if you get hungry, do not despair! Here, you’ll also find a lot of restaurants, bars and food stands that will definitely please your taste buds.

Greenwich Market schedule: Wednesday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 17:30

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4. Bermondsey Market

Markets in London: Bermondsey Market
by Flickr user: bermondsey Square

Finally, there’s the Bermondsey Market – where once sold stolen goods were sold (thanks to the law Marché ouvert): I swear, not kidding! In this market, you can go crazy among the antique stalls and buy a unique piece for your new home in London. But not only that! If you love art, here you’ll find some terrific paintings.

If you prefer the clothing markets, I still highly recommend a visit to this place, even if only for curiosity ?

Bermondsey Market schedule: Friday from 5:00 to 14:00

In these markets you will definitely find unique and alternative objects. That thing you’ve been looking for for ages and dreaming of for a lifetime is in London! This shopping capital won’t disappoint you. Purchase stuff outdoors, maybe on a hot, sunny day (if you’re lucky), and it will make you feel happy and alive. Take the word of a London lover ?

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more.

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