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Cheaper rail tickets – Top Tips of the Week for London students!

Cheaper rail tickets – Top Tips of the Week for London students!

Rail along coastline

If you’re an International student in London, you have to travel across England. It’s one of the best ways to learn more about the English country and culture. Even English students should travel around! It’s always fun and helps to shake the London blues. But train tickets can be expensive and a daytrip can cost a small fortune.  Let us show you 3 easy ways to buy cheaper rail tickets.

London is an incredible city! We’ve been through this before, haven’t we? Carlos said London’s the best city in the planet. Diana has always said the art scene in London’s incredible. Great Minds Magazine reminded us that  no city in the world has so many attratctions. I said you were going to love studying in London, too – remember? Still. England’s not JUST London and there are some really awesome places to check out while you’re studying there. There are lovely daytrips across England you can go on and some all-out ridiculous stuff to do.  Unfortunately, travelling across England is more expensive than pretty much every other country I’ve been to. Which brings us to the Top Tips of the Week for London students.

Tip 1 for cheaper rail tickets? Book early!

English companies agree with Uniplaces on one thing: the earlier you book, the better! The difference between booking on the day or with a week’s advance is enormous. Sometimes prices will be up to ten times more expensive. So plan ahead and book early.

Get cheaper rail tickets for trains in England
There are still quite a few classic trains operating in some parks in England!

Tip 2 for cheaper rail tickets? Railcards!

Apply for a 16-25 National Rail card – it gives you 1/3 off any ticket you buy. If you’re aged between 16 and 25, you’ll need passport photographs, ID, and £30. You can apply for a rail ticket online (just follow the link) or in most of London’s train stations (Kings Cross, Waterloo, Paddington, etc.). With the Railcard, you get the discount on every ticket you buy for 12 months. It’s almost as easy and quick as booking student accommodation with Uniplaces… but the service I got was never half as friendly!

I remember that over my three year period studying in Hull I saved hundreds of pounds thanks to that little orange card. This is one of those real cash-savers if you’re planning to travel around England, on weekend breaks, day trips and other outings.


Dramatic seaside rail tracks
Some railway lines in England are really spectacular

Tip 3 for cheaper rail tickets? This promo code!

If you apply for the rail ticket online (by clicking the link), you can use the promo code “LONMID10” and get 10% off the rail ticket. This promotion is only valid until the end of August (31/8) so make sure you use it quickly!

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British train on rural England
There are so many great places to see in England – what are you waiting for? Get your rail ticket and hit the tracks!

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