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Brixton neighbourhood guide – where to live in London

Brixton neighbourhood guide – where to live in London

You’ll find Brixton deep in South London, past Camberwell and Kennington. It’s by far one of London’s liveliest neighbourhoods: it’s a riot of colours, contrasts and cultures. Its streets are like nothing else you’ll see in London, characterised by dozens of flyovers and bridges, and houses at impossible angles. This is a multicultural neighbourhood in the best of senses: it’s loud, wild, vibrant, inventive and fun.

Living in Brixton: Lady in Street Market
The hundreds of cultures living in Brixton meet at its colourful street markets

The Endless Street Markets

One of the coolest things in Brixton are its street markets. One road after the other, they spread more or less all the way across the neighbourhood. Fresh produce, cheap shoes, cakes baked at home, and vintage clothes – you’ll find everything here! The stall owners are from all over the world and the different cultures play together adding a great vibe to the whole thing.

The Music Scene

Brixton has an amazing musical scene with some really cool places. If you’re looking for a small live music venue, check out Upstairs at the Ritzy, in Coldharbour Lane. You can catch everything that’s cool: folk, afro, jazz and pretty much everything in between. For larger, epic nights, hit the Brixton Jamm, one of those unique venues where you go clubbing to some really great live music. And then, you always have the O2 Academy Brixton: the old Astoria club, a part of Rock History, has seen the Clash, Sex Pistols, Bob Dylan and many, many other legendary acts.


Street art by local living in Brixton
Id Iom, a street artist living in Brixton, declares his love for this neighbourhood in London

Getting around Brixton

Living in Brixton, you’re always well connected to the rest of London. The Brixton tube station is the very last station on the Victoria line. It’s a large station on Brixton Road. From there to central Oxford Street, you’ll only take 12 minutes. Brixton also has an overground train station with trains running to London Victoria. Then, on top of that, nearly 20 different bus lines stop in Brixton!

Rental rates

Living in Brixton can be affordable but it’s not cheap: it’s too close to the city centre for that. It’s a great area to live in because it’s so lively and real and near to many public transport options. Live-alone options, such as studios or 1-bedroom apartments, can go past the £1,000 a month mark, whereas single rooms in flatshares, student apartments and standard residences will vary between €550 and €750, but if they’re particularly new or luxurious, the rent can be twice as high as that.

Living in Brixton: Old Bovril sign
Street art in Brixton isn’t just graffiti, though!

What do the (other!) specialists say?

“Brixton has more than its fair share of both the hip (some Dazed & Confused types opened a highly confusing fashion shop on Railton Road last year) and the insane (it hosts 1 per cent of the UK’s mental health patients), there’s room for plenty of others, … artists, fashion designers, poets, pop stars …” Miranda Sawyer, in Ghetto Fabulous

Fact sheet: Living in Brixton

One place to eat: Honest Burgers, of course. Incredibly good burgers with real meat in them and all that. Really affordable, too, which is a bonus! Address: Unit 12, Brixton Village London SW9 8PR.

One place to drink: Craft Beer Co. Place to come for a great pint: choose one of the many kinds and brands of beer – all of them top-quality brews by small producers. Service is as friendly as it could be and wi-fi is free. Address: Brixton Station Rd, London SW9 8PA

See Also

One place to study: The Ritzy Café. Cheap, cheerful and with a great Brixton Vibe. Brixton Oval, Coldharbour Lane.

One thing to see: The Murals and other street art.

One thing to do: Hit the street market and buy something you wouldn’t find anywhere else!

Local students living in Brixton
A lot of the students living in Brixton belong to counter-cultural, alternative scenes

Interested? Check out our neighbourhood page about Brixton, with all the available student accommodation listed there!

N.b: All images taken from Flickr users (by order of appearance: Daffyd Waters, Adrian Guerin, Id Iom, UncoolBob, and Emiliano.

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