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Studying in London? 5 day-trips you have to go on

Studying in London? 5 day-trips you have to go on

The London blues are like a bad cold: everybody gets them once in a while and only time can cure them. There are little things you can do to feel better, and then there’s the 4-step aspirin solution. Step number 1: Find the first free day on your schedule.

Step number 2: Pack a bag with a couple of sandwiches and a good book (throw in a thermos with tea to feel extra British).

Step number 3: charge your phone and your camera.

Step number 4: get up and go.

It’s adventure time!

1 Oxford

Oxford Radcliffe Camera at Dusk by
The City of Dreaming Spires really has that fairytale magic to it. No wonder so much of Harry Potter was filmed here!

The picture perfect University town attracts muggles from all over the world to walk around the Colleges that gave life to Hogwarts. You can visit great museums that are free to get in to: try the Ashmolean (culture and history things), the Museum of Natural History (exactly what it says it is) and the Pitt Rivers museum (has a witch in a bottle and sunken heads). After all the museums and tours, hit one of the city’s old, beautiful pubs for a pint. Sitting on old leather armchairs, this is the place to enjoy the quiet comforts of life away from London’s madness.

2 Cambridge

Cambridge river with blue skies and punters.
In Cambridge on a sunny day ? Make sure you get yourself on a punting trip down some of the canals.

This world-famous University town is one of the nicest in the country when the sun pops out. Go punting on the canals, go on a bike tour, or pack a picnic and head to one of the city’s parks. You’ll soon find that no people celebrate a sunny day like the English. Don’t forget to end the day with some scones at the Orchard – Tea House among Apple Trees.

3 Salisbury

A picture of Stonehenge under a bright blue sky
Stonehenge is a short drive away from Salisbury, a nice and quiet town


All that you need to know about Salisbury if you’re here for the day is: it’s got a very nice cathedral, plenty of old-school pubs where the service is as friendly as the food is good (personal recommendation goes out to the New Inn) and Southenge is just down the road. A bus ride away, these mysterious ruins are a must-see. Historians argue they were built by man, but we know the truth, don’t we? If it wasn’t Merlin, it most certainly was…

4 Bournemouth

An English dog between summer bathing booths
Bournemouth is all about the seaside – walks on the beach, ice creams and some sun are what it’s all about!

Bournemouth is all about the seaside. Walks on the beach, short cruises and long wooden piers are the main highlights of the land. Kick off your shoes, roll up your trousers and breathe some sea air. If you’re feeling extra brave, take a dip in the water! Just make sure you bring a warm towel along and a change of clothes

See Also

5 Theme parks

Thorpe Park a shot by Ally Darrall of water slide landing into water
Thorpe Park has some incredible rides – from spinning tea-cups, water slides to crazy adrenaline shots

They say the only reason the Brits built these theme parks is so they can spend a day queueing and always finding sitting space on fast trains – by all that specialists can gather on the matter, this is English concept of fun! Still: thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies needing a day that isn’t going to museums in Oxford or to stare at Stonehenge’s large stones, there are several excellent theme parks around London. Thorpe Park and (a bit further away) Alton Towers are some of the best in Europe.

Have you done all of these, already? What did you think? Leave us a thought in the comment section below.

Also, if you want something a little bit further from the beaten track – keep an eye out for our upcoming list of day-trips nobody else recommends!

(Photo credits go to: Tejvan Pettinger for Oxford’s pictures, Paul Russell for Bournemouth’s picture, Ally Darral for Thorpe Park, Neil Howard for that wonderful Stonehenge shot and the Cambridge photograph is by one ‘DaveOnTwitter’.)

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