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Kensington High Street neighbourhood guide – where to live in London

Kensington High Street neighbourhood guide – where to live in London

Living in Kensington feature

Kensington High Street is one of London’s most famous neighbourhoods and a shopper’s paradise. Home to London’s favourite retail centres, shops and department stores. It’s a beautiful place to live, very central, very safe and very busy.

Living in Kensington: Royal Albert Hall
The Royal Albert Hall is a few blocks south of Kensington High Street and well worth a visit.

 Kensington High Street: a shopper’s paradise

If you love to shop, one of the best places in all of London for some great retail-therapy is Hight Street Kensington. Kensington High Street was actually redesigned recently so that shoppers have a better experience. Walk through your favourite clothing stores for days and if you need to take a break, head to one of the great restaurants for a drink and a bite.

Kensington High Street is the heart of London’s music industry

Nearly all of the big record labels have their main UK offices in or around Kensington High Street. The Folks at EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner all work here, and so does Simon Cowell, so it’s quite a cool area to spot musicians – both the big names and the next big things.

Getting around Kensington

High Street Kensington has plenty of transport options. It has the Hight Street Kensington tube station, on both Circle and District lines. There are also hundreds of buses on the street and nearby to take you to any of the four corners of London: check out this link for all the buses that cover the Kensington High Street area.

Kensington High Street neighbourhood guide
The apartments and studios in Kensington are some of the nicest in London.

Kensington High Street rental rates

Kensington High Street is extremely central, very safe and very popular. Many of the apartments in the area are very nice. All of these factors added up make Kensington High Street pretty expensive. A studio in the area costs over £1000 a month. Apartments to share tend to cost more than £6000. (For more information on the rents of student accommodation in London check this post).

Living in Kensington
Kensington neighbourhood is known for its distinctive redbrick houses.

Fact sheet: Kensington High Street

One place to eat: we don’t usually choose chains but we’re opening an exception for Bill’s. Great portions, good prices, British food served in a tube station are all the reasons we needed.
Address: Kensington Arcade

One place to drink: Not your average student bar, but dress smart and check out the Piaño Bar, an old school cocktail lounge with world-class musicians behind the piano. Perfect to impress a date if your student loan has just come in!
Address: 106 Kensington High Street.

One place to study: The Caffe Concerto, a nice café with a wide variety of pastries to choose from: try the eclaires! It’s usually quiet and has wifi available.
Address: 88-90 Kensington High Street

See Also

One thing to see: Climb up to the magnificent Kensington Gardens: for decades it was the largest rooftop garden in Europe. Free-entry thanks to Richard Branson and Virgin’s sponsorship.
Address: 99 Kensington High Street

One thing to do: how about visiting the Kensington Palace? A no-expenses spared mansion with huge gardens in the very centre of London.
Address: Kensington Gardens

Interested? Check out our neighbourhood page about Kensington High Street, with all the available student accommodation listed there!

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