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10 Coolest Places To Enjoy This Great London Weather

10 Coolest Places To Enjoy This Great London Weather

Great London Summer Weather

So it seems like for this year there actually is summer in London. It’s strange, I know, but that also means you’ve got to make the most of it. A true Londoner will not waste a single minute of good sunsinhe. To help you with this mission, we’ve put together a list of the 10 greatest places to enjoy the London summer weather. How many have you been to?

#10 City Hall

City Hall_London Summer Weather
City Hall: Live music. Big-screen sports. Comfy chairs. A killer view. What more could you ask for?

On the South side of Tower Bridge, you’ve got some of the most scenic views of riverside London. Plus, through the Summer, there’ll be live music and sports screening events to enjoy.


#9 Greyfriars Garden

Greyfriars_London Summer Weather
Greyfriars is sun-loving introverts’ heaven.

Quiet little garden made in the ruins of the old Greyfriar’s Church. It’s perfect if you’re on your own and want to enjoy a bit of time off, read a good book or something.


#8 Little Venice

Little Venice_London Summer Weather
Perfect spot to sit down, ask for a coffee and play “I’m on a boat” as loud as your iphone goes.

Another great spot of London that’s really off the beaten path. How many tourists come to London and never even hear of Little Venice? Check out this neighbourhood by the canals (close to Paddington) where people live in boat barges. It’s all quite cool and there’s plenty of pubs, bars and restaurants with outside seating area to enjoy the sun.


#7 Kensington rooftop gardens

Kensington_London Summer Weather
Flamingos be chilling. (They’d fly off, but they have cold feet)

Go up to one of London’s most eccentric (and unvisited) attractions to enjoy the sun from the top of the city. This quirky garden even has cool Flamingos chilling out ata pond. The drinks at the bar are not student friendly but access to the gardens is free!


#6 The Lawn @ Tower Hilll

The Lawn_London Summer Weather
Deck chairs with a view!

It’s really close to our office which is a great bonus. It’s just a few chairs on fake grass by the river, but the view’s awesome, the drinks are good and not too expensife. Life is goo at the Yard.


#5 St James Park

St James_London Summer Weather
Just deck chairs – no view.

Every year as soon as the weather comes out, The St James park is our favourite of the local parks. Go to the supermarket, stock up on chips and drinks and go enjoy the atmosphere with all the other cool kids.


#4 Shad Thames

Shad Thames_London Summer Weather
^This picture’s kind of terrible, we know.

Really lovely docks to enjoy the riverside with a lot fewer people around than Southbank. It’s by far London’s most pleasant spot to enjoy the end of the day from. Bring good friends along to have a few drinks and enjoy great conversation watching the sun set behind Tower bridge.

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#3 Southbank

Southbank in London Summer
The fountain-maze is a-maze-ing.

Southbank is one of those places that could only happen in London. Head out to the colourful walks of the galleries here – and if you dare, throw yourself into the fountain-maze next to Hayward Gallery. Walls of water rise and fall as you try to get out of there dry.


#2 The Stairs to the Hidden Beach

the stairs_London Summer Weather
For those in the know.

On the southside, the Thames, these stairs lead to a hidden beach when the tide is low. I’m sorry guys, but nothing beats those two words. Even when the tide is high, this is still a really cool place to hang out at.


#1 Frank’s Café

Franks_London Summer Weather
(Photo from Franks’ page.)

Only open during the summer, the rooftop bar on top of a carpark is one of London’s coolest summer spots. Head out to Pecham and enjoy this year’s most popular cocktail, the Spritz.


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