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Famous must-see London Attractions

Famous must-see London Attractions

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Editor’s note: Great Minds Magazine is a brand new online magazine. It is run by students in London and aims to write great content that students across the UK can relate to. On this guest blog piece, Great Minds’ Ikram Alasow lists the London attractions students in England can’t leave the country without seeing. The term has ended and you’re just about to go home – make sure you tick some of these off your list!

Are you looking to have an amazing London experience? Well you’re in the right place, here is our guide of the best must-see attractions.

Big Ben:

Located in Westminster, with the tower also known as the Elizabeth Tower, renamed in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Big Ben is the House Of Parliament’s iconic clock tower, built in 1858 and serves as one of the most outstanding and eye-catching symbols of the United Kingdom.  This is a must-see attraction and don’t forget to bring your camera, it’s a key spot you will always remember.

Big Ben is a must see for students in London
Big Ben is the huge Bell on the most famous clock tower in the world and one of the most famous London attractions

Buckingham Palace:

One of the most traditional royal palaces remaining in the world today, which serves as the London residence of Her Majesty The Queen as well as administrative headquarters. The palace is more than 300 years old and has up to 775 rooms and only 19 open to the public to explore at certain times of the year from late July to early October. Located in Westminster this is a must-see attraction, prominent centrepiece of Britain’s monarchy and has been a venue for royal ceremonies, state visits and official events.

Houses Of Parliament:

Also known as the Palace Of Westminster, built between 1840-1870 it is the meeting place of the two houses of parliament in the United Kingdom the House of Commons and House of Lords. This is another iconic must-see attraction in which you can also take a tour inside at a ticketed price and explore modern day politics, 1000 years of history as well as wonderful art and architecture.

London Eye:

The London Eye also known as the Millennium wheel is one of the world’s stunning and largest observation wheels. At a ticketed cost, you can go inside one of the circuits of the

eye which shows you the most important sights in London, equipped with touchscreens to help explain what your looking at. Are you looking to have a sensational uplifting view of London’s iconic places? Then this is a must- see attraction for you!

London Eye is a must see for students in London
You’ll get some stunning views riding the London Eye

Tate Modern:

Located in Bankside, Tate Modern is the world’s most visited modern art gallery and Britain’s national museum of contemporary and modern art from around the globe. It holds collections of British Art from the 1900’s to the present day as well as prominent

international art.  Do you love art? Want to see fascinating work by artists such as Picasso, Bonnard, Matisse, Rothko, Warhol, Dali, Pollock, Cezanne and Bourgeois? Then take a trip to Tate Modern and guess what? This amazing experience is free too.

The Shard:

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The Shard at London Bride quarter is a well-known divine and dynamic skyline and

building. Consisting of unique and high quality offices, restaurants, a viewing gallery and the 5- star Shangri-La Hotel. Are you ready to see the tallest building in Western Europe? London’s exclusive and highest view? Or have an elegant and memorable experience? Then The Shard is the place for you.

The Royal Courts Of Justice:

Built in 1882 by architect George Edmund Street, The Royal Courts Of Justice with its incredible interior design, has up to 35 long corridors and 1000 rooms of which 88 are courtrooms. This is where Britain’s high profile civil cases take place in which you can watch court cases or explore the building for free. Although to get access you will have to under go a security check and cameras are not allowed inside. So have you always wondered what a court room is like? Do you want to see lawyers battling it out? And experience the magnificent architecture right in front of you, then what are you waiting for?

The Courts of Justice - well-known to law students in England
You’ll find the Courts of Justice in the City of London

Tower Of London:

Situated in Central London near the River Thames, The Tower Of London is one of the world’s most famous and honoured fortresses, which was built over 900 years ago in 1066 by William the Conqueror to protect and guard London.  Then later developed by many medieval kings with the fortress serving as a royal palace, a prison and even a zoo. With rich traditional history, it was a place used for power, armoury and refuge. This is a must-see attraction that enables you to explore and learn about the many layers of rich fascinating history it holds.

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