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Only in England! The Chap Olympiad 2014

Only in England! The Chap Olympiad 2014

Bicycle jousting at the Chap Olympiad

Some things are so quirky and unique that you will only see them in England. You can’t find them anywhere else in the world and they’ll only make sense here. Tomorrow, Saturday 12th July, one of these events will be taking place in London’s most intellectual neighbourhood, Bloomsbury.

Introducing: the Chap Olympiad. A day of ridiculous games such as the Cucumber Sandwich Discus and the Pipe Smoker’s Relay! The only competition we ever heard of where keeping your trousers looking impeccable matters a lot more than crossing the finish line.

Three piece suits in London
Boater hats and bow ties – at the Chap Olympiads, everything goes

To top it all up, everybody will be dressing like illustrations from a Hendrick’s Gin poster. It’s all about style. At the end of this day of pipe smoking and gin drinking, the winner takes home a gold cravat!

Dandy and his fans
Top hats and pin-ups – dress as colourfully as you can and have a great day out

If you’re around London this weekend, put on a three-piece suit, groom your moustache, grab a camera, and head to Bloomsbury! The closest metro is Tottenham Court Rd, and then you have to go up  Tottenham Court Road itself for two or three blocks towards the British Museum. The Chap Olympiad will be on Bedford Square from 12 noon and lasts until sunset.


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Dancing competition at the Chap Olympiad
Put on your dancing shoes & show us some swing!

All photographs are from the Chap Olympiad’s website. You can find these and many more in the Chap Olympiad’s website 2013 Olympiad Gallery . Check out the Chap Olympiad’s website for more information!

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