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Elephant & Castle Neighbourhood Guide – Where To Live in London

Elephant & Castle Neighbourhood Guide – Where To Live in London

The Elephant

Elephant & Castle is one of London’s most exciting areas right now. The whole district is being redeveloped and all sorts of ambitious projects are sprouting up, attracting the younger generation of students and entrepreneurs.

Imperial War Museum
Imperial War Museum

Elephant & Castle always has something going on for students

After filling their stomachs with delicious food and had a few pre-drinks around Elephant & Castle, students will be wanting to go out. Elephant & Castle is THE place for that! Have you heard of Ministry of Sound? Well.. the world-famous club is just a couple of minutes walk away from Elephant & Castle roundabout. Here, you can listen to some of the world’s biggest DJs, and are guaranteed a great night out! Alternatively, head on over to The Coronet, an old theatre that has been converted to a live music venue.

Ministry of Sound
by Flickr user – Vadim Pavlovich

Elephant & Castle is getting better and better every day

The infamous Heygate Estate has made way for what will be Elephant Park – a sustainable park covered in green areas and residential facilities. However, to keep the area active and attract the hip masses, they have come up with a great idea. While the works are being done, they have opened a space dedicated to young entrepreneurs and students: The Artworks Elephant. Several refurbished shipping containers act as office spaces for startups and small businesses. These surround the central Food Yard, where you can find all sorts of restaurants, bars and food stalls.

The Artworks

Getting around Elephant & Castle

Elephant & Castle is one of South London’s main bus hubs, so from here you can get buses heading to pretty much everywhere in London. Check out this link for all the buses that cover the Elephant & Castle area. The district is also served by the London Underground, which can take you all the way to North London on the Northern line, and to Northwest London on the Bakerloo line.

Alternatively, there are also trains leaving Elephant & Castle railway station, travelling towards the South of England.

Elephant & Castle

Elephant & Castle rental rates

Considering Elephant & Castle is still in the process of redevelopment and slowly improving its reputation, rental rates are usually quite affordable for London standards. A bedroom in a shared apartment will cost you between £750 and £850 per month. However, prices can range quite a bit if you look for a room in any of the brand new apartment blocks. A studio in the towering Strata goes for at least £1200 per month.

Fact sheet: Elephant & Castle

One place to eat: Mamuśka!. How much do you know about Polish cuisine? Well, just across the road from the Elephant & Castle shopping centre, Mamuśka! has just opened. The restaurant used to be in the shopping centre, but they’ve since moved to beside Strata. You have to try the typically Polish pierogi!

Address: 16 Elephant & Castle

One place to drink: Longwave Bar & Cafe. Right at the front of The Artworks, the recently-opened Longwave Bar is a great place to have a drink. They pride themselves on a lot of their stock being produced locally in Borough of Southwark.

Address: 1 The Artworks

One place to study: London South Bank University Library. If you just need a peaceful place to study, then what better than the university library. London South Bank University is just a couple of minutes away from Elephant & Castle.

Address: 103 Borough Road

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One thing to see: Imperial War Museum. If you’re a fan of war history, then make it a priority to visit the Imperial War Museum. Just the 15-inch shells and the Naval Guns outside the museum are enough to impress you!

Address: Lambeth Road

One thing to do: La Bodeguita. This Latin American store is known for having all sorts of original produce and specialties from their native countries. La Bodeguita also has its own restaurant and deli.

Address: Elephant & Castle shopping centre

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