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Canada Water Neighbourhood Guide – Where To Live in London

Canada Water Neighbourhood Guide – Where To Live in London

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Greenland Docks

Seeking the quick access to Canary Wharf and the universities on the Thames’ South Bank, an increasing amount of people are moving to Canada Water and Rotherhithe. Generally a peaceful neighbourhood, this peninsula just keeps on getting better and better: with several urban redevelopment projects currently underway.

Canada Water
by Flickr user – stevekeiretsu

One of these projects is lead by King’s College London, which are building a new site teeming with student housing at a first phase. The project will then be followed by office spaces, as well as academic and sports facilities, thus creating a new campus in the area – the Mulberry Site.

Canada Water: THE place for students who enjoy peace and quiet

Not every student wants to live in one of London’s party arteries, as these can often be too stressful and noisy for one to get their required peace. Canada Water is perfect for students looking for a more welcoming and familial atmosphere. The area’s proximity and ease of access to Canary Wharf also makes it a hit with young, hard-working professionals too, who can either take the quick boat across the Thames, the Tube from Canada Water station, or the quick drive through the Rotherhithe Tunnel.

Canada Water Library
Canada Water Library by Flickr user – tiredpixel

Everything in Canada Water is relaxing

From the Greenland Docks to the Brunel Museum in Rotherhithe, the whole of the riverfront is covered in mellow walkways perfect for a quiet stroll. Walking along the numerous quays, you can witness some of the area’s history of shipyards and working docks.

Alternatively, you can head over to Southwark Park. You can be sure that whatever time of the year you find yourself walking through Southwark Park, you will never be disappointed with what you see. The park has some of London’s least common trees, such as a Walnut Tree, and several Silver Maple Trees. Of course, there’s also the historical bandstand, which dates back from 1884.

Southwark Park
by Flickr user – Matt Brown

Canada Water is actually part of Rotherhithe, but since the gentrification of Canada Water began, Rotherhithe locals have somewhat adopted the former’s name as it has recently brought the peninsula into good light. Long gone are the days when the area was full of warehouse factories and shipping industry.

Getting around Canada Water

Getting to Canada Water is quite easy. Since the Jubilee opened in 1999, and the Overground line was reopened in 2010, the area has become very well connected to the rest of London. From Canada Water Tube station, one can board the Jubilee line heading to Canary Wharf or Waterloo, or the Overground line going to Wapping or South London. From the Tube station you can also get several buses heading to to all sorts of places: check out this link for all the buses that cover the Canada Water area.

Canada Water Tube Station
by Flickr user – Matt Buck

Canada Water rental rates

As it isn’t right in the heart of central London, Canada Water’s rental rates are affordable for London standards. A single bedroom goes for around £650 per month, whilst a double bedroom can be found for about £750 per month. Prices are on the rise, though, and with every new redevelopment project, property values rises too.

Fact sheet: Canada Water

One place to eat: Simplicity. This chic British restaurant is well-worth a visit. Main dishes go for around £15, but it’s their brunch menu that everyone is raving on about. Gourmet Full English Breakfast… what isn’t there to like about this?!

Address: 1 Tunnel Road

One place to drink: The Mayflower. Not many pubs can brag about having a view over the river Thames. The Mayflower can do that and much more. The Mayflower claims to be the first pub on the River Thames, dating back to the 16th century!

Address: 117 Rotherhithe St.

One place to study: Canada Water Library. Completed in 2011, this brand new library is yet another of Southwark council’s plans to regenerate Canada Water. The library is just outside the Tube station, and if you’re going to study, try to get a window seat, it’s worth it!

Address: 21 Surrey Quays Road

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One thing to see: Southwark Park. Visiting the park is a must, but if you also like art, the park is home to the Cafe Gallery Projects, a Contemporary Art gallery in a beautiful space.

Address: Southwark Park

One thing to do: Brunel Museum. This museum is housed in the old Engine House of what was the first ever tunnel to be built under a navigable river. Here you can learn about the history of Brunel, and how this ambitious project was developed. The tunnel itself is now used by the London Overground network.

Address: Railway Avenue


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