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Camden Town Neighbourhood Guide – Where To Live in London

Camden Town Neighbourhood Guide – Where To Live in London

The Camden Town Market feature

Camden is a monster of a neighbourhood: there’s always something happening and it’s usually at least a bit crazy. It moves thousands of people: for its bars, shops and the world famous street market.

Living in Camden Town
“Welcome to Camden”

Camdent Town Hardcore

Camden was London’s alternative neighbourhood for decades, the home of the punk movement and where all kind of gothic subcultures came to enjoy the night. Today, it’s not that mohawk gangland anymore but all the graffiti and a number of cool hangouts still remind you of Camden’s Golden Era (-in all fairness, Darkest Era might be more accurate, but could be misinterpreted).

Living In Camden Neighbourhood
“Camden Town is a shopper’s paradise.”

Camden Town is a Shopper’s Paradise

You’re 18, maybe 20, you don’t want to buy designer clothing at the High Street. In Camden, you can buy as many Converse shoes, funny tshirts and cool street clothes as you can imagine.

accommodation in Camden Town
Camden Town

Getting around Camden Town

Camden Town is in North London and it’s particularly easy to get around. The easiest way of getting to Camden Town is taking the Northern Line – on either of its branches to the tube station called (you probably guessed it) Camden Town. You’ve got nearly 20 buses to take, too: some of them run 24 hours and there are 5 night bus lines. So you can take a bus at any hour of the day. This handy map shows the buses that leave from Camden Town. Finally, you’ve also got Camden Road overground train if you want to head East or West.

Camden Town rental rates

Camden Town is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in London with students and all kinds of young professionals. So the rental rates for student accommodation around Camden Town are never very cheap: the fact that it has such great transportation, is central and has great venues to shop, drink or dine, only push prices up. A single room in Camden Town is typically around £700 per month, and doubles are £800 or higher.

humans living in Camden Town
Camden is a young person’s neighbourhood – always has been, always will be.

Fact sheet: Camden Town

One place to eat: Haché Burguer. Why? Peanut butter and burguer, that’s why.
Address: 24 Inverness Street

One place to drink: Blues Kitchen, a very cool bar-diner with a great colection of Bourbons.
Address: 111-113 Camden High St

One thing to see: There are 2 kinds of people in this world. Those that come to Camden to see the Lock Market during the day. And those that come to Camden to see how freaky it gets at night. We suggest you try both before you decide.

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One thing to do: Go catch some gigs at the legendary Barfly bar. This is where guys like Franz Ferdinand or Coldplay first got a chance to play in London. Great upcoming sets are playing here all the time.
Address: 49 Chalk Farm Rd

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