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How much does beer cost for students? The Uniplaces Beer Index

How much does beer cost for students? The Uniplaces Beer Index

Sometimes we ask ourselves what our student budget should be when we study abroad. At Uniplaces we decided to measure a student’s cost of life across our favourite student cities by a staple in many students’ diets: Beer

It’s not that beer has to be an essential criteria on your choice when going abroad.

But: if hamburgers can be used to measure quality of life and inflation in the Big Mac Index, why shouldn’t a student’s quality of life be measured with a Beer Index? The theory is that in cities with a low beer cost, you can have a lower budget. First, you’ll be spending less money on beer. Second, (in theory at least) these cities will be cheaper than the other ones.

If you’re getting ready for the next semester abroad Uniplaces presents the European Beer Index of some of our favourite European cities.

Top 10 European cities ranked by beer price:

*Data recovered from, prices for Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught)

1. Porto

Erasmus Porto students are the lucky ones! Porto has the lowest average price for beer in Europe. A beer costs around 1’50€.

2. Budapest

If you’re planning to do your Erasmus in one of Europe’s most easter cities we also have good news for you, because in Budapest beer costs around just four cents more than Porto, 1,54€. 

3. Lisbon

We’re going back to Portugal, this time to the capital. In Lisbon you can find beer for 1,75€ along with the best weather year-round. Sure these two are a reason for you to come to Lisbon to study. You won’t regret it, believe us!

4. Krakow

Poland calling! Krakow is full of history; it’s one of the country’s most significant cities, cultural and politically speaking. Aside from that, the beer is bellow the 2€ mark, so you will be able to enjoy a cold bottle on the historic centre for just 1,80€.

5. Valencia

Back to the Iberian Peninsula. You can get a beer in Valencia for 2€ and it’s also becoming one of Spain’s most popular Erasmus destinations because of the lower cost of living compared to Madrid and Barcelona.

6 & 7. Madrid and Barcelona

These two cities have more than just two of the best football clubs in the world. Beer in Barcelona and Madrid is around 3€ and if it’s either in Madrid’s Plaza Real or Barcelona’s Rambla Catalunya, you can always have Patatas Bravas with your drink or even a tapa.

8. Berlin

Germany, the land of beer. The 7th spot in the Beer Index is taken by the german capital. In Berlin you can have a beer for 3,5€ and here’s a tip, if you want a full on german experience ask for a Bratwurst as well.

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9. Brussels

Belgian beer, say no more. A cold beer in Europe’s political capital costs around 4€, but it’s worth every penny!

10. London

Last but not least comes London. Even though the price of beer is around 5,60€ going to the pub and also getting to listen to live music is always a good idea! As other writers on this blog have pointed out, it is worth every penny. (See Carlos’ Why London is the best student city in the planet and Francisco’s You’ll love studying in London!)


The Beer Index: now that you know the beer cost around key student cities…

It’s time you choose one, start packing, head over to to book a place and celebrate all of this with a beer at your nearest bar. Whether you’re going to study in London, Lisbon or Madrid, there’ll be more beers there waiting for you whenever you arrive!


Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more. Did you enjoy our tips on beer cost around Europe? Just drop us a line in the comment section below to let us know you did. And remember! If you need to find University housing in London – or you know someone that does – you’ll find the student home you’re looking for on
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