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5 Tips for Landing a Student Job in London

5 Tips for Landing a Student Job in London

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London is a bustling city that boasts plenty of job opportunities for students wishing to pay their way through university. However, with a large student population across the UK’s capital, there is also a fair amount of competition out there. If you want a well-paying position with a leading employer, then you need to work hard and smart to make it happen. Follow the five tips below to land yourself a top student job in London.

Be flexible

London has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment, restaurants, sights and more; so, there is a huge range of jobs on offer to keep these services running. From tending a trendy Shoreditch bar to collecting tickets on a River Thames ferry, the work is definitely out there. If you’re willing to try your hand at new things, then the opportunities will be endless, so keep an open mind when job hunting. Don’t be afraid to apply for something that you have no previous experience in, many employers who hire students will provide all the training you need before putting you to work.

Make the right impression

London attracts students from all over the world, so competition for the best jobs can be fierce. If you want to stand out from the pack, then you must approach employers in a professional manner and give them plenty of reasons to hire you.

Firstly, you must have a well-structured CV that looks professional and sells all of your workplace skills, such as teamwork, communication and customer service. English people can be very particular when it comes to spelling and grammar, so you need to proofread your CV and make sure it contains no mistakes before sending it to anybody. For inspiration, check out some CV samples online or even ask friends and family with work experience to share their CVs with you.

Secondly you need to ensure that you are making polite and friendly approaches to employers, whether it’s via email, telephone or job application — Londoners are a well-mannered bunch and they will appreciate the gesture.

Use all available channels

If you want access to the best opportunities in London, then you have to look in all the right places. Sign up to specialist student job websites such as StudentJob, StudentBeans and SaveTheStudent; they have a big variety of employers and jobs aimed at students. You can also take a look at some of the mainstream UK job websites such as Reed and TotalJobs; they will have plenty of part-time and flexible vacancies in London. Another helpful site is Gumtree, which not only boasts plenty of part-time and casual roles, but also hosts classified ads, which are great for finding bargains on furniture for your student accommodation.

Plan your interviews in advance

London is a diverse city with many different cultures in and outside of the workplace. Research your employers thoroughly online before attending your interview to find out what outfit you should wear to fit in with their team. You can also use Glassdoor to find out the kind of questions you might be asked and what the work environment is like.

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The streets of London can get very busy during peak times, so plan your interview travel well in advance and check the Transport For London website for any disruptions to public transport before setting off — nothing will ruin your chances more than turning up late for an interview!

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