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5 things all Students living in London know what it feels like

5 things all Students living in London know what it feels like

students living in london

Everybody living in London has a different experience. Maybe you’re enjoying the best of London on a CEO’s pay because your parents really are that generous, or maybe you’re counting pennies like hundreds of students living in London every year. There are things you’ll feel, think and see there that nobody else will understand. And then there are these things…

The headaches are the best part of your hangovers

hungover stundents living in london

All Students living in London know exactly what it’s like to wake up the next morning with a roller-coaster stomach, dry mouth and a hammering pain in the brain… and feel like that isn’t even the worst part of our hangover. That moment you start pulling last night’s receipts from your pocket, open your wallet to find it completely empty or check your bank account on your phone. If you’re one of the thousands of students living in London, you know exactly what that’s like. All your other mistakes last night seem trivial compared to how much you spent.

Most of us learned this very early on. My lesson was on my very first night out. I woke up still dressed with one of my shoes off and realized I’d spent quite a large part of my student loan on my very first night out. That tiny budget most students living in London depend on.

Nights end with tough choices

cabs for students living in London

A second experience all students living in London know for sure: you only left the nightclub because a) you’re so tired you can’t physically stand anymore or b) the nightclub’s lights turned on and the bouncers started sweeping you out onto the street. And then having to choose how to get home!

Having to weigh how dangerous is it to walk home versus spending a week’s food budget on taking a black cab is a typical experience for most students living in London. Want to know my top tip if you’re one of these students living in London? Plan ahead. Find out where you’ll be going clubbing tonight and check google maps for night bus options. They’re safer and faster than walking home. It’s much cheaper than a cab. Plus, London late night buses are definitely an adventure.

That feeling of excitement when your student loan comes in…

students living in London when student loan comes in

You’ve been spending the last three weeks waiting for this moment to come. Last week you practically lived off Pop Noodles and tea. You’ve been going to extra lectures in the evening just for cookies. But not today! Today, you and all the other thousand of students living in London off the student loan feel like millionaires.

New books, vintage clothes, that iPhone 6, fresh meat and produce, two crates of beer! You can – and you will – buy everything! You’ll walk into a bar and say to the whole house: “the next one’s on me!”

…and that outrage when you have to pay rent and bills afterwards.

angry students living in London

And then you have to pay rent… plus the bills. It’s more than half of your student loan, and it’s all those dreams of new phones, gadgets and shoes. Ordering a round for the house was kind of your lifelong dream but it’ll have to wait. It feels like you’re being robbed. Twice.

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Yup, students living in London: you are living in London. It’s arguably the most expensive city in the world. The rents are high. Bills are expensive. (We do have a blog post on how to keep your bills low and affordable to help you cut the costs of living in London by the way.)

preferring to be really poor students living in London than slightly less poor students living somewhere else

Happy students living in London

Because in the end of the day, all students living in  London know this our favourite city in the world. It’s cool and everything’s happening here all of the time. The various art scenes are incredible. The nightlife in London is unbeatable. The London street markets are by far the best in Europe. And to top it all off, London has many of the best universities in the world.

So yeah, at the end of the day, you’re a little bit glad that at least you don’t have to sell one of your younger siblings to be studying here. Because deep down inside you, you know exactly how far you’d go to stay.

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more.
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