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5 Exciting London Startups To Do An Internship At

5 Exciting London Startups To Do An Internship At

Startups in London

London means many things to many people. For some, it’s a quaint place where the Queen drinks lots of tea, surrounded by corgis and red phone boxes. For others, it’s the hip bars or cafes of the East End, the fashion finds of Camden market, or the roar of the crowd at one of its venerable football clubs. One thing is certain, it’s a city with plenty of energy.

Of course, some of that energy manifests itself in the startups that are springing up there, all of them looking to make someone’s life easier. If you’re thinking about an internship in London, these five companies are doing some very cool things.

BorrowMyDoggy – Early Stage

Startups in London: BorrowMyDoggy

Some people have a dog but no time, some people have time but no dog. That’s a match made in heaven. This is a great concept, but only dog-lovers should apply (if the number of dog-related puns on the website is anything to go by). – Early Stage

Startups in London: not only lets users save and share interesting things they find online but also creates an easy-to-read summary.

Awesome – Early Stage

Startups in London: London

The name says it all. Awesome is a text-message-based personal assistant. The service can be used for buying pretty much anything you need – clothes, tickets, food, travel bookings, you name it. And it’s free to text! You only pay if you actually buy something. According to their website, they’ve already done well over 10,000 awesome things.

Movidiam – Early Stage

Startups in London: Movidiam

Any budding filmmakers out there will love Movidiam. By connecting people across the world, Movidiam helps remarkable films get made. Check out some of the stunning videos this startup has helped to create here.

Henchman App – Early Stage

Startups in London: Henchman App

Who doesn’t secretly love the thought of being a Bond villain, complete with exaggerated mannerisms, pet sharks and, of course, a henchman. Well, this might be the closest you’ll ever get. Henchman will deliver anything you want from any restaurant or store within an hour. Not too shabby. If you’re really feeling villainous, they are also open to discussing on demand assassins.

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