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10 food thingies you’ll always remember after studying in London

10 food thingies you’ll always remember after studying in London

top 10 student meals for those studying in London

You know how everybody who hasn’t lived in London thinks all student meals are fish and chips? Then when you live here for a year, you never even see anybody eat fish and chips. Right? Which got us thinking: what are the ten student meals that really define a student’s life in London? What are the student meals that’ll forever remind you of your student times in London?

1 Curry on delivery

top 10 student meals
Omnomnom – or OM NAN NAN?!

Did you know London’s first Curry House opened 50 years before it’s first fish and chips shop? All students enjoy this tradion: every time we’re hungry and want something warm to eat while watching our favourite shows from the couch – we know who to call.

2 Kebab and Chips on the way home

top 10 student meals doner kebab
“Let’s not stop for kebabs” – said no student. EVER.

You’ve been dancing all night long and there may have been some drinking involved. It’s cold on the way home and you walk past an Kebab shop. You’re either going to stop for a kebab – or you’re going to stop for a kebab with chips.

3 Hungover Saturday Morning Pizza

top 10 student meals cold pizza
Scientific study reveals that if this photograph doesn’t look appetizing to you, you didn’t party hard enough last night.

When you order a few pizzas on Friday to share with your friends at the pre-bash you organised, there are always leftovers the next morning. You Stumble into the kitchen, grab as many pizza boxes as you can find and take them back to bed. Thank all the drinking gods for that!

4 Pub burger and onion rings

top 10 student meals burger onion rings
Question: do onion rings count towards your five a day?

If England has a thing to teach the world it’s that Pubs are awesome. After a month in London you’ll have been to nearly a hundred pubs and you know exactly the one to go for to ask for that juicy burger with a side of onion rings.

5 Peri-peri Chicken with friends

top 10 student meals periperi chicken
Apologies in advance for the zoomed-in photograph of roast chicken.

If you go out for dinner with any group of students that’s bigger than 4, you’ll never agree where to have dinner. Until somebody suggests Peri-Peri Chicken. The moment those words are said, it’s case closed, problem solved.

6 Hummus lunches

top 10 student meals hummus
This picture. Says it all.

Unless you’ve grown up with Hummus … where have these been all your life? Be it with a side of pitta bread, or a pack of fresh carrott sticks, you can just grab a box and enjoy it outside on a parkbench.

7 Pasties (Gregg’s or Cornwall?)

top 10 student meals pasties
The only question is: where do you find the best pasties?

Every time you have to catch a train or a plain, you’re either hungry while your waiting or want to buy something for the ride: pastie stalls! Mint and lamb pasties? Delicious. Steak and ale? Vegetarian? You literally can not have enough.

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8 Red Velvet Cupcake

top 10 student meals red velvet cupcake
You can’t be showing London around without stopping at Hummingbird. It’s against the rules!

If you’re anything like me, Red Velvet Cupcake tells you one thing: you’ve got friends or family around and your showing them the best things that London has to offer. And you couldn’t possibly be showing anybody around without stopping at Humming Bird Bakery, could you?

9 Anything/Everything exotic on weekend street markets

top 10 student meals food markets
Fact: you’ll eat some of the best student meals in London out of a paper-plate… or on no plate at all.

One of my favourite things about London is that you can eat authentic food from all over the world. But then if you want to try new foods on a student-budget, you can’t go to  restaurants all the time. Which is where the awesome street markets come in: great food, sometimes from all around the world, at a price that’s affordable for every student.

10 Breakfasts

top 10 student meals english breakfast
Big breakfasts aren’t only amazing, they’re a cultural thing. In case you needed an excuse!

Hands down, this is the thing I will always miss the most about London. Eating an amazing breakfast is so easy: whether it’s a Full English from the pub, a stack of pancakes, or a posh Eggs Benedict at the Eletric, London is the best city in the world for breakfasts. You’re a student in London, enjoy a large meal to kick off your day properly.


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