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Valencia Student Guide: Where to Study?

Valencia Student Guide: Where to Study?

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Valencia has become one of the best student destinations for national and international students. As a student, sometimes it’s hard to focus on your assignments or exams at home, isn’t it? Especially when studying abroad. Everything is new and unknown, and the only thing you’d like to do is to walk out the door and explore every neighbourhood of your new home city.

That’s alright, because you can enjoy Valencia while studying in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere.

1. Libraries

There are more than thirty public libraries in the city of Valencia. The usual opening hours are from 8.45 until 14.45, and from 16.15 to 19.45 on weekdays.

The selected libraries are not only beautiful inside, but also near parks and nature where you can stretch your legs and clear your mind after a long study session.

The public library of the Petxina neighbourhood has a wooden and stone interior, with the huge windows, which creates a peaceful and inspiring atmosphere. Besides, it’s in a great location; close by Turia metro station and  right in front of the river.

This library is located in an antique typical Valencian farmhouse: an alquería. This alqueria is composed by several buildings that serve today as a museum and library among other things. It’s also surrounded by a garden (Marchalenes Park) and it is well connected by tram and bus.

Right in the city centre, and in the middle of one of the most popular squares of the city, you can find a small yet quirky library. Apart from the great study atmosphere inside, it’s wonderful to have so many possibilities to drink coffee, eat or distress your eyes going for a walk around the charming neighbourhood of El Carmen or the river, which is only 5 minutes walk away.

Views of Plaza de la Virgen from the library.

Formerly a hospital, this building was beautifully converted into a library. It’s spacious and has a great literary offer in many languages. Furthermore, it’s right in the city center, relatively near to Angel Guimera and Xativa metro stations and the North Train Station, as well as bus several bus stops. Also, it’s surrounded by an awesome park.

2. Museums

Other great places to study, for its quiet and relaxed atmosphere, are museums.

This neoclassical building used to be a space where different studies of the University of Valencia where gathered. Today, it’s  a Cultural Centre, that hosts the Rector’s office, as well as exhibitions, theatre plays, music and conferences. The nearest metro station is Colón, and it’s also a 5-minute walk from the river park.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 to 21:30. Sunday and holidays, from 9:00 to 14:00


Next to the Biblioteca Municipal de Valencia, the MuVIM (Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y la Modernidad/Valencian Museum of Illustration and Modernity) is quiet and inspiring spot to focus on your assignments and exams. Apart from having great surroundings to rest your mind, studying at the MuVIM is a great chance for combining working sessions with visiting its exhibitions. Its opening hours are Monday to Friday, from 8.30 until 14.30. If you’re interested in using this space in the afternoon, you can also make a reservation!

3. Cafes


In the youngest neighbourhood of Valencia, Benimaclet, and in one of its most charming streets, you find this cute little cafe/restaurant. Grab a cup of coffee or a drink and some tapas for lunch. They say studying with a full tummy is easier. They don’t but eating is always fun!

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Don’t you love lighted spaces that have large tables to share? You’ll never feel lonely, you get to hear other people’s conversations or check out their work, and, who knows, maybe even make new interesting friends. Besides, the Wi-Fi works perfectly, Café FEDERAL  has a varied menu with unique dishes of fusion food and good quality and the staff is very friendly. But the best thing is that it’s a dog friendly café, so even if you don’t have a dog yourself, you can enjoy their lovely and furry company.

Although there are always things going on in La Fábrica de Hielo, it’s an inspiring place to work on your assignments (rather than studying, to be honest!). This former ice factory- slash-cafe-slash-cultural space is perfect for coffee addicts, crazy dancers, and dog lovers. Also, it’s near the beach and well connected by bus, metro and train. One of the best spots in Valencia for team working!

4. Outdoors

Finally, since Valencia is known for its beautiful weather, why not studying outdoors? Grab your study materials, some food and water, and don’t forget a yoga mat, a towel or a blanket for the floor.  Then, head to the Botanic garden, Viveros, the Malvarrosa beach, the Monforte gardens, the Capçalera park or anywhere throughout the river and enjoy a great study day in the sun.

If you’re thinking about moving to Valencia for your studies or work and you’re looking for a flat to rent make sure to head over to Uniplaces where you’ll be able to filter through hundreds of places, from rooms to studios and apartments to rent.

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