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The Trendiest Neighbourhoods to Live in Valencia

The Trendiest Neighbourhoods to Live in Valencia

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Coming to live to Valencia is an unique experience and you’ll love the city for its mixture between traditions and cosmopolitanism. It’s very important to make the right choice and know which are the trendiest neighbourhoods to live in Valencia, because it will define your whole year. Here you have some information about different neighbourhoods to help you to take your decision:


This neighborhood has being the most famous of Valencia for a few years. It’s next to the city center and on it you will find all the trendy restaurants (Nozomi, La Llorona, El Bouet…). This is where locals have dinner every weekend. The apartments are old and the streets are narrow, but you’ll love the people and the life in Ruzafa! To go to the UV you just need to take the bus number 89 and it’s less than 15 minutes aways.

City Center

The city center it’s always a very good option. Here you will find all the bus lines and the transport you need -inte city and to another cities- and more than 6 bus lines to go to the UV. You also can get the metro in Colón to University. In addition, all the shops and museums are also located here. The apartments are large and with many rooms, so it is a great opportunity to have many roommates and meet more new people.


Many years ago Benimaclet was a small village independent from Valencia. Now it’s a neighbourhood in the north of the city but it have still this look as a small village with its own life. Here live many students because it’s very close to the two campuses of the UV. There are many bars and pubs and they are usually cheaper than in other places: a very complete student zone! To get to the UV (Tarongers) or UPV you just need to take the tram and you will be there in 5 minutes.



The area near the campus of Tarongers is a sought-after area. Here is where you will always find students (in places like Ca Ninneta, Salamandra or La Blasca) since it is 5 minutes from the campus, so you can go walking or by bike. The apartments are usually very large and there are many available: it’s the area where all students want to have their rooms. There are good connections to other parts of the city and in general is an excellent choice to live!

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Patraix is a neighborhood with lots of history. Like Benimaclet, it was a village before, but it is now one neighborhood of Valencia located in the south. You can go from Patraix UV or UPV with metro (Patraix station to Universitats) or buses 9 or 11. Walking from Patraix to the city center is less than 15 minutes. It is a neighborhood with great cultural mix and a very important cultural movement, you’ll love live here!


Now you know the trendiest neighbourhoods to live in Valencia, which one do u prefer? Close to Blasco Ibañez or to the city center? Let us know in the comments. And remember: if you need a new apartment or just a student accommodation, you’ll find the perfect student home on Uniplaces.

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