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Stranded passengers in Valencia: what to do when you are stuck

Stranded passengers in Valencia: what to do when you are stuck

In an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the Government of Spain declared a State of Emergency, which introduces measures and significant restrictions nationwide. Until the end of the State of Emergency, land borders are closed for entry to Spain, with the following exceptions: Spanish nationals, Spain residents, frontier workers and those able to prove that they need to enter for essential reasons.


For those who are currently in Spain, including expats and tourists, the government has asked them to follow the restriction rules of staying in the accommodation all the time


What to do when stuck in Valencia due to coronavirus

For anyone who’s outside of their country, and looking a temporary home in Valencia, we’re here to help


We are aware that many people are in quarantine in Lisbon at the moment and unable to leave the house, so we provide you with virtual tours of the homes, so you can safely rent your place without having to personally visit it.  


The contractual part can also be solved through e-mail between you and your landlord, in order to avoid physical contact and ensure your safety. 


You just have to go to our Fast Booking page, and one of our agents will quickly contact you in 24h. 


If you need even faster answers from landlords,  choose the listings labelled with the “Instant Booking” tag. Your request will be automatically confirmed so you will be ready to move-in to your temporary home in Valencia.


Accommodation in Valencia

Adhering  Spain’s newly issued regulations (Royal Decree 463/2020), many hotels are currently closed. Plus: it’s not easy to find a real estate agent at this point to book short-term rental homes. Our main concern at the moment is the wellbeing and safety of our community, and we don’t want anyone left without accommodation.


Online renting platforms the easiest solution for people whose plans were affected due to the coronavirus outbreak. You rent quickly rent a fully furnished place and stay safe while you’re waiting to go back home.


Local health system

If during your stay in Valencia you show symptoms related to coronavirus, call 112 or 900 300 555.


Government Health Agencies

See Also

Coronavirus European Commission Information


Embassies & Government agencies

Since many of the flights are being cancelled, we recommend you is to contact the embassy or consulate of your country of residence. That way, you can stay informed if there are any rescue flights available in your region soon. 

Foreign Embassies and Consulates


Flight information in Valencia

To stay informed about your rights as a passenger, please read this article from the European Commission. For guidance regarding transport measures, go to this page.


To get updates about the flights, go to Valencia’s Airport Valencia’s airport website.

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