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7 Cool Facts about Valencia

7 Cool Facts about Valencia

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Valencia is a great city and you will love it more and more every day of your stay. But the first time you arrive, you will be amazed by a bunch of things that you haven’t seen before in any other place in the world. Here are 7 cool facts about Valencia.

1. Paella gets real

You’ve tried it before in other places, you’ve checked YouTube to try to understand how it’s made, but finally you taste the real thing. Paella is only real in Valencia. It doesn’t matter if you try it in a fancy place or in a normal restaurant; it will change your life forever. Now the other “paellas” will only be “rice with things”, as Valencians say.

2. There’s always life on the street

The first time you’re in Valencia, you can’t believe the number of people that are always in the street doing amazing things: painting, dancing, acting, singing… Valencia never stops! And you can always join any group and learn new local things.

3. The weather is always perfect

Valencia = sun. That’s it. We are so lucky to have sun all year round, even in winter — and we know how to enjoy it every day of the year. The sun is out at all hours of the day, that’s why there are always people out and about!

4. The City of Arts and Sciences

Once is not enough. The City of Arts and Sciences is always surprising and spectacular. On your first visit to Valencia, you’ll try to carve out some more time to come back to this spot. You really need to see it at night!

5. There are graffiti all around

Valencia is a city that is always changing, and on your first time here, you will be very surprised with the graffiti in the city centre, in El Carmen. Whenever you walk down these streets, you’ll always find new graffiti!

6. Everything is close by

Your friends spend their evenings at the beach and have dinner in the city centre, and you think that’s impossible. Welcome to Valencia! You can enjoy it all in one day — it is very normal to have dinner in one neighbourhood and to go out in another. Everything is close!

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7. It has a lot of history

Maybe you thought of Valencia as just a cosmopolitan city, but it also has a lot of history. Did you know that La Lonja in the city centre is a World Heritage place? You’ll love it!

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