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5 Things you Only Understand If you Live in Valencia

5 Things you Only Understand If you Live in Valencia

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Valencia is a city full of life and every day you will feel more part of it. When you spend a time living here you realize that you’re accepting as normal things which wasn’t normal before you come to the city. Now you can’t imagine one day without sun or not having a drink on a terrace of a bar even in December. This are the 5 things you only understand if you live in Valencia.

1. It’s raining? Make a wish!

It rains in Valencia like 5 days each year. Not kidding. Our days are always sunny and in winter it’s cold but you still see the sun every day. Valencians say ‘make a wish’ when it’s raining because it never does! And if one day it rains, it will stop in less than 20 minutes.

2. You can go to the beach all year

In summer the beach of Valencia is full of tourists but in winter you’ll only find locals. It’s very common to go to spend a day with a book to the beach when it’s cold. It’s very relaxing to see so quiet beach and enjoy the small waves. You can go to the beach all year and make different activities!

3. The city of flowers

One of the small things that you get used in Valencia is that there are flowers everywhere. In every corner there are plants with very colorful flowers and are always there to brighten your day. Believe me: when you move to another city you’ll miss this!

4. You get used to know new projects every week

Valencia is living a great moment in which there are many artists in the city, and every week you can discover new projects. There are presentations of new bands, books, painting, new art galleries, theater… is impossible to be able to go to everything you like. The best to know new projects it’s never stay in home!

5. Everything is one hour away

Valencia city is wonderful, but the province too! All the weekends you can make mini excursions to discover new cities. By train you can go to many new places in less than an hour: Castellón, Gandía, Calpe, Cullera, Sagunto… You will never get bored!

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Are you going to live in Valencia? What is the thing you like the most? Let us know in the comments. And remember: if you need student accommodation, you’ll find the perfect student home on Uniplaces.

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