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Tips to Find a Part-Time Job in Spain

Tips to Find a Part-Time Job in Spain

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Finding a part-time job in a new country can sound like a little bit of a challenge. However, it can also turn into a great experience, especially if you’re surrounded by friendly people and work in a nice environment. In this article, we will give you the 6 best tips to find a part-time job in Spain, which stills allows you to have a lot of free time to enjoy your new city, save money and travel!

1. Go out, make friends and contacts!

The more involved you are in the city activities and the more people you know, the easier will be to find a job. The people you meet will probably know places that are looking for staff. Also, you’ll be recommended by them and you’ll know sincerely if that place is a nice place to work at!

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Having work experience abroad can be a boost on your CV Photo by StockSnap on Pexels

2. Improve your Spanish

Not everyone who lives in Spain has good English skills, especially old people. Therefore, if you want to find a job in close contact with the public, you’ll need to have at least basic knowledge of Spanish and be motivated to keep learning the language.

3. Prepare and Adjust your CV

Although your resume may be perfect, you’ll need to translate it to Spanish. If you give it in English, many employers won’t even read it or it might be seen as weird. Pay special attention to what are the different words Spanish people use in their CV to name their education, work experience, abilities and hobbies, etc. and adjust it!

A creative and different CV can make you stand out Photo by StartupStockPhotos on Pexels

4. Have an extrovert and proactive behaviour

By being shy and insecure you’ll get nowhere, especially in Spain, where people are very energetic and close. It doesn’t really matter if your Spanish is not that perfect, we’ve all learned a language and know how challenging it can be to communicate. So chill out, give the best of you and keep in mind that the most important thing is your attitude and not how to conjugate a verb.

5. Show your strengths

Knowing the kind of job you’re applying to will help you to boost your strengths and show what can you provide to the place you’re applying to. Also, by doing this you’ll demonstrate your willingness and interest to work and you will differentiate yourself!

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Research about the company you’re applying to Photo by rawpixel on Pexels

6. Look for jobs online

An easy way to look for a part-time in Spain or elsewhere is looking online. There are great websites that show offers and where you can apply directly, like LinkedIn, Indeed and the Spanish website PrimerEmpleo. If on, the other hand, you are looking for a more relaxed way to make some money check ambassador programs, like the Uniplaces Ambassador Programme. They are normally designed for students that want to gain some experience.

Finding a part-time job while you study abroad can be a perfect opportunity for you to earn some money, gain work experience, meet new people and learn more about the language and the labour market of the country where you are studying. By following these five tips we just gave you, it won’t be that difficult to find a part-time job in Spain. But if it still gets hard, try to reconsider the type of jobs you’re applying to and don’t give up, you’ll find a job eventually.

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