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To all Erasmus students: Why Madrid is the place to be

To all Erasmus students: Why Madrid is the place to be

I spent a weekend in Madrid and was absolutely enlightened by the life there. I felt like I had suddenly found a place that links perfectly with my personality. Sitting down eating tapas, tasting the intense flavours of cheese, bread, salmon, olive oil, tomato and a full glass of red wine! All mixed together? A delight – a true delight!

But there were two specific places that really caught my soul and captured me forever.

One of them was the Lateral restaurants.


Lateral is a restaurant group in Madrid which has been present in the gastronomical scene for the last 13 years with a unique and exclusive concept: a variety of pinchos (small snacks) where traditional recipes and avant-garde creations merge to offer excellent quality products. But there is something definitely different about it! The atmosphere and the tastes are incredibly addictive and makes you want to go back every day! It was probably the best meal I had in Madrid. The avocado and salmon tartare and and the 15€ tryout dish was amazing and the desserts are inexplicable! Specially the Crepes with Dulce de Leche and the Lemon tart.

With so much eating, I had to find a way to work-out somehow – or at least, to stroll around. That’s when I fell in love. I fell in love with Parque del Retiro. This special place’s name translates to “The Retreat Park”. It’s an enormous garden where you will see all sorts of things happening.

Parque del Retiro

It’s the perfect place to lie down and read a book, get sun-tanned, walk around, jog, go work-out with the bodybuilding experts, or just walk your dog and sit down for some loving. This is the place to be in Madrid and to escape from the hectic high temperatures that are so common here.

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Madrid is the place for me. It’s a place of energy, of people moving around, but it’s a place where you can also find your peace. Amazing food, a fun culture, beautiful people, everything wonderfully monumental, and that breath-taking park. Madrid is the place to be!

(Photo credits in order of appearance: fmpgoh, martin manuel vicente and turismo de madrid. Check out their profiles on Flickr!)

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