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What Makes Madrid Unique? The People

What Makes Madrid Unique? The People

The people of Madrid: Madrileños

You are about to start one of the most unforgettable periods of your life. It took a lot of time to make your decision, fill in the paperwork, and to say goodbye to everyone… but the countdown is coming to an end.

In a few weeks, you will not only be flying to a new country, but to what will undoubtedly become your second home. You were aiming high for you destination, so you chose Madrid. You can’t wait to listen to Spanish, to learn the language, to eat some tasty tapas, to see the Gran Vía’s stunning architecture, to watch a Flamenco show, to watch a game at the Bernabéu or Calderón, and to party at the city’s greatest clubs.

The people of Madrid: Gran Vía

Madrid is all that and more. But what really makes this city special and unique is not its beauty, its gastronomy, or its parties… it’s the people. The people of Madrid are its native people, its immigrants, its tourists, students and workers. The diversity in the city is wide that Madrid and multiculturalism are synonymous. The exchange of cultures and languages are evident in every corner of the city, especially in districts like Lavapiés.

The people of Madrid: Parque del Retiro

If you come to Madrid on Erasmus, you will be surrounded by people from all over the world, and sometimes by Spaniards too. This is an incredibly enriching experience, and not an easy one to find elsewhere. After living a unique Erasmus journey, you will go back to your home country with a little piece of knowledge and culture from everyone you met in Madrid. And you will forever remember the people of Madrid.

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