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The best night out in Madrid for students

The best night out in Madrid for students

Student night out in Madrid

¿Alguien dijo fiesta? Oh yes, we did.

Madrid is famous for its crazy nights and parties. The city that comes alive after dark has only one rule, no one goes to bed early and it’s this sacred rule we keep. For all those who are students in Madrid get ready for an epic night out with tapas, Spanish sangria and a lot of dancing. A night out in Madrid – any night out in Madrid – is the Erasmus experience every student in Europe dreams of.

What Ernest Hemingway wrote of the city in the 1930s remains true to this day: ‘Nobody goes to bed in Madrid until they have killed the night.’ So, this is our plan, you won’t go to bed early – you’ll drink plenty of liquids, eat unforgettable tapas and then dance until your feet hurt.

Let’s get this party started, chicos!

Mercado San Miguel in Madrid
Start with the classic tapas and cañas at the Mercado San Miguel.

Just to get you warmed up, go to Mercado San Miguel for some drinks and tapas. Have a couple of beers, a glass of wine or the typical Spanish sangria down at the market and taste the classic Spanish tapas. It’s usually packed and the atmosphere is exciting! Not to be missed by anyone who is studying in Madrid.

I just can’t get enough

Spanish Paella in Madrid
All Erasmus students in Madrid go back home with a few extra pounds. Wonder why.

If you haven’t eaten enough tapas down at the market you should definitely go out for dinner with your friends. Check out La Finca de Susana and try some of the best Spanish dishes with a modern touch. It is clearly the best Mediterranean cuisine you’ll probably find in Madrid.   

Take a walk and drink up

Chueca is the nightlife district of Madrid
Chueca is the iconic alternative neighbourhood of Madrid.

After eating all the delicious Spanish food you can think of, head over to Chueca for some alternative cocktail bars. This neighborhood is known for its nightlife and gay-friendly atmosphere, it’s pretty cool to walk down these streets and improvise a pub crawl. If you’re into a more trendy, kind of hipster scene,  check out the vibrant Malasaña neighbourhood. Walk around Calle Espiritu Santo or head to La Realidad which is a funky bar nearby.


Kapital in Madrid
Get lost in one of the best clubs of Madrid, Kapital.

Make sure it’s past 2am and check the best clubs in town. Word of advice: unless you’re dressed to impress you won’t get past the picky bouncers in clubs like Pacha and Kapital. These two are definitely worth going to at least once in your life. Pacha is obviously a classic, very Ibiza-style club and Kapital has seven different floors with different DJ sets. If you’re more into indie and alternative music there’s a place you should check out. It’s called Ocho y Medio and it’s know for its indie music and underground vibe.

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Have you killed it or what? What are you waiting for? Check out the best spots to go out in Madrid and remember that in this city it’s never too late.

Photo credits in order of appearance: Roberto Castaño,  José Pestana, Vlad, Diego Perez, Roberto Castaño. Check out their profiles on Flickr.

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