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Stranded passengers in Madrid due to COVID-19

Stranded passengers in Madrid due to COVID-19

Stranded passengers in Madrid due to coronavirus

Since midnight last Monday (March 16th), Spain sealed its land borders to contain the spread of coronavirus through the country, meaning that only citizens and residents are able to get in and out.

Fernando Grande-Marlaska, Interior Minister of Spain, announced this measure right after the EU commission proposed to seal all Schengen space, on Monday (March 16th) afternoon. Since that, there are passengers, tourists, students and families struggling to get a flight back home not only in Spain, but all over Europe.

Forecasts simply do not exist and the government asked all people, including tourists, to follow the restriction rules, including staying in the hotel all time, which is not easy for people that just wanted to be enjoying their vacation or at least, at home.


What to do when stuck in Madrid due to coronavirus

The lack of information about coronavirus dedicated tourists can be stressful, but also harmful to those passengers. Watching TV is useless if one does not speak english, but panicking is also not the answer.

We consulted some information from Spain’s Government and EU to answer some questions about how things are going in Spain, how the public system deals with coronavirus cases and useful information to tourists and people stranded abroad.


Accommodation in Madrid

Since coronavirus is spreading rapidly all over the world, we might expect our home countries to be also struggling to fight against it. Given those circumstances, there are some foreigners in Spain that might consider extending their stays while they wait for an opportunity to back home safely.

But it’s not easy to stay in a hotel or b&b for too long: the expenses are much higher when you pay by day. Especially in hotels, the “not-home” atmosphere can lead to home sickness. These are random circumstances and people who left on vacations a few days ago probably didn’t imagine staying stuck in Spain for so long.

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Spain’s health system

The emergency number for coronavirus in Spain may vary. If you are in Madrid and feel any symptom that could relate to coronavirus, you can call:

Coronavirus emergency number in Madrid: +353 900 102 112 

For other regions in Spain, please, consult El País – Guía de Actuación Ante el Coronavirus. The article is written in Spanish, but you can easily find a list with all provinces and local health system phone numbers.


Flight information in Madrid

Tourists that need to know about their flights should not go to the airport, unless they have a scheduled flight. Staying in crowded places may increase chances of being infected. Instead, you can call your airway company to ask for updates about your flight.

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For quick information about a flight, you can check Flight Aware website. 


Embassies & Government agencies

If you are stuck in Madrid due to coronavirus, you will probably need to contact your consulate to ask about rescue flights scheduled to your region, if your residence country government said something about it. Some consulate websites also have emergency contact info, but bare in mind that you should only use them in case of real danger.

EU citizens might find useful information about where to find their home country’s consulate abroad. Non-EU citizens might look for their Government External Relations Bureau website to look for a list of all consulates in the world.


Uniplaces advice

We are working hard to take care of all our tenants and, at the same time, try to help other people that might be struggling with lots of expenses due to the recent lockdown.

If you already booked with us and need information, please, feel free to reach our Help Center. If you didn’t book but want to know more, get in touch with us.

We all hope this critical situation ends as soon as possible and everybody gets back home safe. 

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