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How to survive searching for accommodation in Madrid

How to survive searching for accommodation in Madrid

searching for accommodation in madrid

editor’s note: This post came straight from Madrid. Sandra who lives and works in the city has this great guide for students on how to survive searching for accommodation in Madrid. Great tips that will help all of you searching for accommodation in Madrid!

Hi student,

Welcome to Madrid. I don’t know what is the reason for your visit or how many months you’ll stay here. I don’t even know if you will be able not to succumb to napping, to “cañas” in whatever terrace, to parties, and to the chaotic Spanish schedules… What I promise is that you will feel at home in Madrid.

I know!  Searching for accommodation in Madrid (or anywhere else) can be annoying. Especially after arriving  in Madrid cost you so much! But do not despair, Uniplaces is here to help you.

I love checklists and this is THE LIST. I promise you. This’ll change your life in the Spanish capital: it’s the advice that you should not forget if you want to find your home. Let’s go!

Searching for accommodation in Madrid?
Searching for accommodation in Madrid? Read this easy guide to learn how to survive the experience!

1) Where do you want to live?

Options, there are always options. First you have to choose: flat, residence, apartment, studio? And once decided, with whom? If you are a lone wolf, you should rent a whole apartment. If you like to be surrounded by people, the best thing for you is a residence. If you want to enjoy relative independence, a shared flat is what you are looking for.

2) Do some research

You already know where and how. You have seen the accommodation of your life on our portal but what about rules? It’s important that you are well informed about them. In residences, there are rules about guests, schedules for checking-in and checking-out, facilities, space for your stuff… The same thing with flats. Maybe you’re a smoker without measure and your landlord hates tobacco or you can not live without your Persian Cat and your landlord is allergic to animals. Everything is possible so that you always have to do some research and learn everything that you can in advance.

3) Look at the terms

We continue looking for information. Well: look at terms. What does the rend include and what not? Is there a deposit? How much money, how many months? Bills included, or apart? All of this it’s important and necessary for you and your landlord.

4) Are there alternatives?

Follow to the letter: “search, compare and buy something better”. Normally you’ll go to your studies’ center and they will recommend to their fantastic homes. It’s ok but look for other options. There are always options.

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5) Be carefeul with internet!

It is ironic that we say that you take care with the net, but precisely for this reason, you should pay attention. Everything that glitters is not gold. Always use search portals that are reliable and verified. Like… UNIPLACES. Beware of bargains or rooms for nothing. I’m sorry, friend: Madrid is not Wonderland.

6) When should you start?

You don’t leave your housing search to the last moment. The rush is not good but too much calm neither.  The sooner you book, the more convenient and economical it will be for you. How about a month and half in advance?

7) Find somewhere nearby

You’re a foreigner. Madrid is a city that is unknown to you and sometimes excessively chaotic. You should live near your place of study. You will save yourself a lot of time and prevent some mild despair. Unless you like adventures, in which case… go! Feel like Indiana Jones.

Dear student. You are young and free in a beautiful and crazy city. You have survived searching for accommodation in Madrid and you have somewhere to stay at last. So now just let Madrid takes control. You won’t be disappointed.

no longer searching for accommodation in Madrid
“So now just let Madrid takes control. You won’t be disappointed.”

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more. Did you enjoy our article? Just drop us a line in the comment section below to let us know you did. And remember! If you need are searching for accommodation in Madrid – or you know someone that does – you’ll find the student home you’re looking for on

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