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Malasaña – the best neighbourhood of alternative Madrid

Malasaña – the best neighbourhood of alternative Madrid

Streets of Malasaña in Madrid

Malasaña is any student’s dream! Known for its bohemian spirit and counterculture scene, this neighbourhood is more than meets the eye. With an exciting and alternative nightlife, Malasaña is perfect for anyone doing Erasmus in Madrid! Drink a few beers, get lost amongst the crowds, dance to indie rock and know why this is the place to be in Madrid!

Malasaña in Madrid
In Malasaña you’ll do all kinds of stupid things and alcohol has nothing to do with it.

If you’re going to study in Madrid you better read this carefully. We don’t want you to make any wrong choices when it comes to your new student home! Choosing your neighbourhood in a big city like Madrid can be quite challenging, but not if you know where to look. And Malasaña is definitely the place for those who seek the most exciting student life. Live like a true local in the most artistic neighbourhood of the city and be in the epicentre of Madrid’s nightlife district! Drink a few copas and party like a Madrileño, because Malasaña is the neighbourhood that makes Madrid not want to sleep!

The best nightlife in Madrid is in Malasaña.
Malasaña is famous for its nightlife. Not to be missed by any student in Madrid!

In this party-like district you’ll find yourself amongst the coolest bars in town. Have a few drinks with your friends in bars such as Malabar, La Via Lactea and La Realidad. Drinks are quite cheap and the atmosphere is crazy, so it’s literally any student’s paradise.

Street art in Madrid
The streets of Malasaña are urban art galleries!

However, and despite the party atmosphere, Malasaña has much more than meets the eye, especially during the day! This historical neighbourhood became popular during the Movida movement in the 80’s that followed the end of Franco’s Era in Spain. This countercultural period gave Malasaña a strong bohemian spirit, with all the craziness to put the Franco years behind. And it was this period that made Malasaña thrive and become the artistic and cultural neighobourhood of today. Take a walk around Plaza Dos de Mayo, check out the street markets and breathe in the bohemian revolution. There are markets and book sharing events going on pretty much every weekend. The lifestyle is careless and the people are always so friendly that you’ll feel like you’re at home.

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You'll also find a lot of quirky shops with old vinyl records and movie posters. Pretty cool right?
You’ll also find some quirky shops with old vinyl records and movie posters!

Malasaña is the place to be for anyone studying in Madrid who seeks for an authentic student experience. Party like there’s no tomorrow, engage in the cultural activities and embrace the bohemian spirit like a true Madrileño!

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