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Discover Madrid’s secrets with Citylife Madrid

Discover Madrid’s secrets with Citylife Madrid

Cityliving Living in Madrid

Sandra, our journalist-hearted Spanish correspondent with dancing feet, is known to give really helpful advice. In today’s blogpost, she explains the easiest way to make the most of Madrid – even if you’ve only arrived. So – are you new in Madrid and looking for advice? Read on!

Hi student!
Madrid, Madrid, Madrid. You can’t see the sea or the beach, and Autumn and Spring visit us once a year. We’re a city of extreme temperatures, not half measures. That’s weak! We go from 40 degrees in a week to 10 degrees in the following. These two seasons are as ideal as the efficacy of our administrative system. However, ‘madrileños’ are not extreme people. Perhaps, for this reason, it is said that Madrid is the best city of all. It’s not because I am born and raised here but Madrid is awesome!

Our city is a place where boredom doesn’t exist. Activities for all profiles and all time zones. Museums, exhibitions, bars of all shapes, sizes and colors, parks, shops, cinema, theatre, music, quirky neighborhoods, nightclubs, streets which sleep by day and live by night, secret nooks, cafés, pubs and endless etcetera. It’s cultural, quiet and smart facet is in perfect harmony with its joker and wild side. This is the main reason why living in Madrid is so attractive to international people.

CityLife: Erasmus Madrid La Latina
International and Erasmus Madrid students are never bored in Madrid: fact.

However, finding all of Madrid’s secrets is an almost impossible task. But don’t worry about that! I have the solution (once again): a friend.

“Thanks Sandra for your incredible cleverness but I’m new in the city. I haven’t had time to make friends.”

Keep calm dear student and read me properly. CITYLIFE. They are the friend who support and help you to get settled and during the period you will stay in Madrid. Their Welcome Guide to Madrid helps you with everything, from finding accommodation to getting a cell phone, Spanish classes or social activities.  This guide will answer all your questions. Also through the Citylife Madrid Buddy program, you’ll meet an inseparable mate. He or she goes with you around your Madrid adventure. But there’s more! Citylife has a fantastic weekly agenda with all kinds of social and cultural activities so you don’t miss anything.

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Madrid is wonderful but I have to admit that Spain is generally super. From mountain range to warm coastline. From Celtic to Roman, Moorish, Jewish and Islamic architecture. What could I say about our delicious cuisine? Spain is a country of contrasts which has something for everyone. Citylife shares my thought so they organize trips around the country. Discover, explore and enjoy all the Spanish regions.

Each city has its stereotypes. Madrid has too many. Many are less accurates than others but you can be sure that Madrid is hospitable, untiring and fun. A vibrant city where you will want to stay. Enjoy, let us help you find your community in Madrid.

Erasmus Madrid CityLife student
Locals argue Madrid is the best city in the world – come and see for yourself, before you decide!

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more. Did you enjoy this article about Citylife Madrid? Just drop a line in the comment section if you did. And remember! If you need to find student accommodation in Madrid, you’ll find the student home you’re looking for on

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