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The 5 Best International Places to Eat in Madrid

The 5 Best International Places to Eat in Madrid

international restaurants in madrid

Post written by our awesome partners Pack To Spain

Madrid is, hands down, one of the best cities in Europe.  People love it since the minute they set foot here. I’m not sure if it’s the people, the culture, the history, the weather, the food or all of them but all my international friends are in love with this city. Madrid is full of secrets and places worth discovering.

Regarding food, Madrid is the meeting point for all the different types of restaurants that you can find in Spain. I’m sure you already know about paella, tapas and other typical Spanish foods so I’m going to give you the 5 best international places to eat in Madrid.

Takos al Pastor (Mexican)

Takos al pastor mexican restaurant

If you like Mexican food, be careful with this place, it’s going to make you love it! Forget about big burritos and just go for the tasty tacos. I don’t know if you’ve eaten tacos in Mexico but if you close your eyes when you taste a Cochinita Pibil taco from Takos al Pastor you’ll feel like you are in the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Located in Calle de la Abada, in the Neighborhood of Sol, this place is a real treasure for anyone that loves Mexican food. Seriously, its tacos and quesadillas are the best ones I’ve tried in Madrid and I’m sure they will be yours too.

Sichuan (Chinese)

sichuan chinese restaurant in madridThis one is a real secret hidden near Plaza de España. It is a secret mostly because its name is in Chinese and no one that doesn’t know how to read it will know its real name. It is known as the “Winnie the Poh” Chinese restaurant of plaza de España because it has the famous bear on its sign outside the restaurant.

This small but cosy restaurant  in Calle San Leonardo 3 and make sure you go there early as they usually have people waiting in line to enter the restaurant.

This is the place that Chinese residents would recommend when we ask them about a place with good and traditional Chinese food in Madrid.

Cervecería L’europe (German)

Cerveceria Leurope German beer pub in Madrid

Blonde, Dark, Black… yes, I’m talking about different kinds of beer and this place has them all! You’ll be surprised by the quantity and the quality of the beers they have, not just from Europe but from anywhere around the world.

This Beer specialized restaurant also has very recommendable eastern European food. You will not regret getting their food trays with German sausages, roasted pork knuckle, ribs or German hamburgers.

If you are into German food, this place located in Calle Cardenal Cisneros 19 is a must in your gastronomic agenda.

Carmencita Bar (American)

Carmencita American restaurant in Madrid

Its specialty is the American Brunch but they’re also famous for their amazing hamburgers. Although I can’t say that the burgers are the best in Madrid the brunch… Bacon, sausages, eggs, potatoes… you name it! They have everything that a truly American brunch should have and it is amazingly good.

It’s so good that if you want to go during the weekend you better make a reservation because otherwise you may not be able to try the best brunch in Madrid! They serve brunches from 12 to 4:30 pm during weekends so you should have plenty of time.

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They are located in Calle Vicente Ferrer 51 and this place should be another must in your gastronomic bucket list.

Creperie Ma Bretagne (French)

Creperie La Bretagne french restaurant in madrid

Are you into crepes? Sweet or Salty? Well, if you are, you can’t miss this place too. A real French Creperie located in Malasaña, just a couple minutes away from the Tribunal subway station.

This little place has something special and authentic. It is a great place to go with some of your friends or the perfect place to surprise your loved one. You have tons of different traditional French crepes to choose from both sweet and salty.

Have you been to any of them? Which ones would you add to the list? We’d love to hear your opinion!

Just drop a line in the comment section if you did.

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