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Top Tapas – the easiest guide for hungry students in Madrid

Top Tapas – the easiest guide for hungry students in Madrid

Tapas in Madrid

Spoiler alert, this blog post will definitely make you hungry and get you cooking – unless you’re lucky enough to be studying in Madrid. In that case, just get your friends, pop out of your student home and head out to the nearest tapas bar!

If you enjoy great food and you’re studying in Madrid, you came to the right place! When it comes to eating, Spain has got it all: from paellas to roasted pigs. Our favourite, of course, is tapas! Small dishes to be shared by friends: the more here really means the merrier as you get to ask for more food and try out different foods and flavours all in a single meal. So here we are, introducing you to the best tapas ever! From cured ham to pimentos de Padrón – these are our favourite tapas:

Jamón Ibérico

Spanish curated ham
This cured ham will blow your mind.

This cured ham is tasty, delicate and salty. If you’re a meat lover, once you have the first bite you’ll beg for more. It’s by far one of the best and simplest of the tapas – and one local legend says it was the first tapa, too. (read: rr-ah-mon, really scratching the back of your throat with that r’)

Pimentos de Padrón

Pimentos Padrón in Spain
Pimentos Padrón are tasty and spicy.

These green small peppers are nothing like the Mexican jalapeños. Eating them is like playing Russian Roullette. You never know what you get when you’re  eating pimentos de Padrón, you might taste a salty, little pepper or set your mouth on fire. An urban legend says one in every ten pimentos is a really spicy one. Word of advice: take a small bite first to make sure you don’t have the devil’s chosen one.

Gambas al ajillo

Shrimps cooked with olive oil and garlic
For all seafood lovers out there, these gambas were made for you.

Small shrimps cooked in olive oil and lot’s of garlic. If you’re a seafood lover, you should definitely have these gambas. They melt in your mouth! The super hot olive oil and garlic makes this dish absolutely delicious.

Patatas Bravas

Papas bravas in Spain
Papas bravas are any student’s favourite.

Patatas bravas are fried potato chips with a spicy chili sauce. These are probably the best fried potatoes you’ll ever taste. Cheap and cheerful, you’ll find it everywhere in the streets of Madrid. A favourite tapa for any Erasmus student.

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Pulpo a la Gallega

Octopus from Galicia, Spain
This octopus from Galicia is a classic Spanish tapa

This octopus with sweet pimentón (paprika) is to die for. It’s a speciality of the Galicia region and it’s cooked with garlic and served with a dusting of paprika. Definitely worth a try if you’re not scared away by tentacles!

Feeling kind of hungry? Well, we hate to say this, but we told you so. Have fun in Madrid, take a break from all that studying, head outside and enjoy some tapas! Have you tried all of these? There’s hundreds more to try! What other tapas have you tried and enjoyed? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more. Did you enjoy our article? Just drop us a line in the comment section below to let us know you did. And remember! If you need to find University housing in Madrid – or you know someone that does – you’ll find the student home you’re looking for on

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