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Alonso Martínez neighbourhood guide – where to live in Madrid

Alonso Martínez neighbourhood guide – where to live in Madrid

Where to live in Madrid Alonso Martinez

How can we describe Alonso Martínez? Emblematic is the word that comes to the top of our mind. A little alternative, a little extravagant and at the same time very traditional, Alonso Martínez is one of the most popular neighbourhoods – especially with students.

Best neighbourhoods to live in Madrid
Alonso Martinez can be a charming neighbourhood with historical buildings all around
Photo by Jose Javier Martin Espartosa

Alonso Martínez: great neighbourhood in the city centre

Alonso Martinez is a central neighbourhood of Madrid. It is right in the meeting point of some of the most iconic and different neighbourhoods of Madrid, like Chueca and Chamberi. Thanks to this, it’s very convenient and close to many of the city’s hotspots. The main cultural and commercial centres  are all really close: the impressive Prado Museum, the huge Parque del Buen Retiro, and the business district at la Castellana are all within walking distance.

Alonso Martínez has two very different sides

To understand Alonso Martínez, you can’t just visit it for a few hours. You have to see the city during the day, and how it changes when the night falls. During the day, it’s traditional charm attracts the older generations. Professional men and women from nearby Tribunal come here to enjoy the gardened square, the charming coffee shops, markets and the pop-up stores. And at night, the bars open up and stay open until 3. Young people come out to the streets to drink beers and chat while they enjoy the Jazz, Indie or Rock soundtrack of their favourite bars.

Alonso Martinez neighbourhood guide
Patio was one of last year’s most popular pop-up spots. Alonso Martínez is a fashionable neighbourhood with many pop-up shops, restaurants and bars.
Photo by Yukino Miyazawa

Getting around Alonso Martínez

Alonso Martínez is central and well connected. Thanks to this, it is really easy to get around. Metro is the main form of public transportation in this neighbourhood. The Zone A Alonso Martínez metro station, in the centre of Alonso Martínez square, is on Line 4, 5 and 10. This makes it very convenient to get around the city!

Alonso Martínez rental rates

Like anywhere in central Madrid, living in Alonso Martínez  is not very cheap. A decent studio can cost €900. A single bedroom in a shared student apartment will cost around €550 (prices go up if the apartment has few rooms, down if the apartment has many). A whole apartment with three or four rooms is likely to cost around €1500. These are all the standard high rental prices we’ve come to expect in the city centre of Madrid.

Where to live in Madrid Alonso Martinez
Alonso Martinez also has a cool and a little bit alternative side.
Photo by Bego Diaz

Fact sheet: Alonso Martínez

One place to eat: Dray Martina. A small menu but great food and wonderful sunday brunch with a little bit of great atmosphere and charm on the side? Yes, please. Address: Rua da Escola Politécnica, 275

One place to drink: The whole neighbourhood. Alonso Martinez has hundreds of student-friendly bars. Cheap and cheerful, they’re all about cañas and mojitos!

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One place to study: Cafeteria Santander. It’s a classical student café with good coffee, great churros and fast wi-fi. The only downside is that the service isn’t always very fast or very friendly. Address: Plaza Santa Bárbara, 4.


Check out our neighbourhood page about Alonso Martínez, with all the available student accommodation listed there!

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