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ESN Granada: A City Guide For Erasmus Students

ESN Granada: A City Guide For Erasmus Students

esn city guide to erasmus in granada

You have just arrived in Granada and you want to discover everything. You want to know the best places to visit, eat or just to spend enjoyable moments during the rest of your stay. This is completely normal! From now on, Granada will be your second home – perhaps even your first home, who knows? In the first days, you will miss your country, your family and friends… but when you return home, you will discover that what you really miss is Granada. It is then that you will discover that you can call more than one place your home.

Esn Granada mirador

1. Awesome sunsets from our viewpoints

Do you know the famous quote by Antonio Machado “todas las ciudades tienen su encanto, Granada el suyo y el de todas la demás”?* If not, now you do! It is well known that a sunset from San Nicolas viewpoint, located at the top of the Albaycin district, is one of the most breath-taking views you could ever see, especially if clouds let you see the stunning view of Sierra Nevada behind the Alhambra. If you want to go to a place even taller than this one, you can go to San Miguel Alto viewpoint. These places will offer you beautiful experiences that you will share with your friends, and you will never forget them because they will be engraved in your mind. Then we can change the neighbourhood and go to Realejo, in order to watch Granada from the other side, surrounded by legends in the Lavadero, in Puerta del Sol. If you like adventures, you can go into the forest and watch the amazing Sacromonte. There are many places from which you can watch the enchanting city of Granada, so let the charm of Granada surprise you!

*Roughly translates to “All cities have their charms, but Granada has the charms of all the cities – and then some.”


Esn Granada Alhambra

2. A fortified town in the heart of Granada

The palatial city commonly known as Alhambra, stands majestically on the hill Sabika. It is a famous place in the world and therefore crowded, and one of the first things you want to see when you arrive. Once you discover its charm you can not stop going back and walking around its ancient forests and its ancient walls.

Esn Granada coast

3. Sea, mountain and city at the same time?

Indeed, we have the fortune of having the mountain range Sierra Nevada and the Mediterranean coast about a thirty minute drive from the city. Sierra Nevada contains the highest point of continental Spain, the Mulhacen, from where you can even see Africa on clear days. In this way, you can enjoy, in the same day, both landscapes, as different as they are captivating.

Esn Granada tapas

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4. Our famous tapas

As soon as you arrive in Granada, you will discover that you can eat in a very cheap way and with the best quality thanks to our tapas. For just two euros, you can go for a drink plus a free snack: gazpacho, salmorejo, paella, burgers or sandwiches, olives or even potato omelette. Our restaurants are always creating new tapas, just to surprise you. Come on and enjoy it!


Granada Student getting lost

5. The magic of losing yourself in Granada

Our city has the medieval charm of an irregular layout of streets, especially in the district of the Albaycin that retains the narrow winding streets of its Medieval Moorish past. Losing in Granada is the best way to discover this city, everybody agrees on that, since you can discover each day a new place, a new square, a new Muslim palace hidden with the passing of time, several museums, special shops of shining colours, or just a new spicy smell…

Thanks for reading this post! We’ll see you soon.
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