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Stranded passengers in Barcelona: what to do when you are stuck

Stranded passengers in Barcelona: what to do when you are stuck

Stranded passengers in Barcelona

The Interior Minister of Spain announced last Monday (March 16th) that the country was sealing its borders to foreigners to slow the spread of coronavirus. Only residents and citizens are allowed to get in and out of the country – even so, with a lot of restrictions. This is happening not only in Spain, but also in other European countries.

So, what will happen to tourists that were on vacation in the country? The government is asking them to stay in their hotels and respect the lockdown rules. At the same time, flights are being cancelled everywhere and – especially when you don’t speak the language – it’s difficult to follow the local news and understand what is going on.


What to do when stuck in Barcelona due to coronavirus lockdown

The circumstances are changing suddenly and every time and many people are already aware of that. Nevertheless, it’s not the right time to panic. If you have the right information, it’s easier to go through this smoothly. Let’s go through some tips for foreigners stranded in Barcelona: what to do, where to go and who to call in case of an emergency.

Accommodation in Barcelona

Extending stays in hotels might be expensive for the ones that were just planning to have 1 or 2-week vacation abroad. We know that expenses are the last thing that might come in mind when people are stuck abroad. Nevertheless, quick solutions to save some money are already available. 

For people in such situations, online renting platforms can be the solution to find affordable and comfortable places to call home while waiting to go back to their real homes. Uniplaces is an online renting platform where guests can find and book homes for 1-month stay or more: there are thousands of options, most of them verified by our staff and ready to move-in after booking. For the ones that need full assistance in the whole process, there is also Fast Booking.

Healthcare in Spain

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly through the entire world. The Health System in Spain is dealing with all cases. If you feel any symptom that could relate to coronavirus, you should call the local emergency number.

Coronavirus emergency number Barcelona: 061

Here you can find some health information about all EU countries. If you have a private insurance travel plan, that might be the time to get in touch with them to find your options.


Embassies & Government agencies

People stuck in Barcelona due to coronavirus might want to contact the consulate of their home countries to receive recommendations and ask about rescue flights, if the government mentioned something about this subject.

You can find a full list of all foreign consulates in Spain with addresses and phone numbers in Go Abroad. European Union citizens can consult the portal dedicated to find consulates and embassies for each country of the European Union.


See Also

Flight information in Barcelona

Going to the airport just to check whether a flight is departing or not can be risky, since crowds are not recommended at this time. Instead, you can call your airline company to check if the flight is still available or use your reservation number to confirm the status of your flight.

For quick information about flights departing and arriving globally, you can consult Flight Stats website. You might find it useful to know EU’s passenger rights.


Uniplaces advice

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, Uniplaces is working hard to ensure that our current and future customers have a place to call home. We are aware that it’s not the ideal situation for a vacation plan. However, given the circumstances, we are here to help.

If you already booked with us and need information, please, feel free to reach our Help Center. If you didn’t book but want to know more, get in touch with us.

We all hope this critical situation ends as soon as possible and everybody gets back home safe.

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