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Spanish bureaucracy is hell – make it easy, international students.

Spanish bureaucracy is hell – make it easy, international students.

Spanish bureaucracy will let you down

Our lovely Spanish correspondent, Sandra, writes some more of her invaluable advice for all Erasmus students coming to Spain. This week she looks at Spanish bureaucracy: see just how crazy it is, and how you can make it really, really easy.

Hi student!

A point of Spanish distinction is our famous Spanish bureaucracy. Effectiveness, efficiency and speed are a utopia in any Spanish administrative process. Spanish bureaucracy can be summed up in “come back tomorrow”. Why? Well, you will always need another document and when you come back with that document; you will need another, and another, and another. Then you’ll enter into a never ending process. It can all become too much. Crazy, exasperating and unproductive to current people.

You are a student, aren’t you? You shouldn’t have to worry about these kind of matters. You’ll waste precious time on Spanish bureaucracy and nobody can guarantee or promise that these problems will be solved. It’s unbelievable but it’s true!

Let’s imagine. You have just arrived at the airport but you are from a small city of another country. Oooops, Madrid is chaotic. How do I get to my new accommodation? I need transport, but how do I get it? Or for example, you need to open a Spanish bank account but nobody understands you because in the bank branch, employees don’t speak English. What’s more! You are going to be studying in Spain for at least a year, so you might need a student visa and for sure you will need to obtain the NIE (Foreign Number Identification), but once again you don’t understand Spanish and Spanish people don’t understand you either. Just as you don’t understand Spanish bureaucracy, and Spanish bureaucracy doesn’t understand you.

Don’t worry, don’t get up-tight and don’t get angry, there is a solution for all these problems called Homologation Student Services. They were established to help foreign students with… you got it. Spanish bureaucracy.

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“You study. We serve” is their slogan so there is no need to say anything else.” Bank account, insurances, funding, document processing… all these issues will cease to be a problem. They manage these questions easily and quickly.

Now, you only have to worry about discovering the city, making new friends and studying. Spanish bureaucracy will never ever be a problem again. Homologation Student Services serves you.

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more. Did you enjoy this article about student discounts? Just drop a line in the comment section if you did. And remember! If you need to find University housing for your degree in Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia, you’ll find the student home you’re looking for on

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