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Learning Spanish in Barcelona

Learning Spanish in Barcelona

Are you thinking about studying Spanish in Barcelona? Do you thing you might need some extra help to develop your Spanish knowledge and skills? Do you want to practise your Spanish, but don’t know how? Do you want to meet local students and get an insight on the Spanish culture, language and way of life?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you will find some very useful tips below:

Learning Spanish by Linguistic exchange

It is widely known that one can never truly master a language unless he or she practises it. Sometimes, it can be hard to make local friends or to find someone predisposed to teach you his or her language. That’s when a linguistic exchange comes in.
Basically, it consists of you teaching your own language in exchange for this other person teaching you his or hers—usually through real life conversations. This way, not only do you get to practise and improve, but also meet new people and learn about their culture!

The following are some links that might help you find your partner.
Open Language Exchange
Language For Exchange
Amigos Barcelona

Ways to learn Spanish
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Studying Spanish in Conversation groups

In a similar way, you can also practise Spanish and meet new people in groups.
The EOI (Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas) usually offer conversation groups at different levels in different languages. They are usually supervised by an expert and you can take part in them even if you are not a student at any EOI.
Some public libraries also organise conversation groups and other activities. For instance, Biblioteca Jaume Fuster has different conversation groups every year based on the supply and demand of applicants.

Learning Spanish on Facebook pages

Have you ever considered Facebook as a source for linguistic partners, improving your Spanish and finding out about fun linguistic gatherings?
Learn Spanish in Barcelona/Aprende español en Barcelona is an interesting option to find people just like you who just want to practise and improve their Spanish in a fun way!

Facebook Events

This is a great choice to meet other people just like you and make new friends while you practise Spanish!
Friday English/Spanish Language Exchange

Language Exchange-Tandem (Mondays)

Learn Spanish with other people

Get a local roommate!

With all the travelling that you will be doing, it is easy to become close friends with other international students. Additionally, local students usually have their own group of friends and might even speak Catalan all the time, which makes it hard for exchange students to engage with them. I strongly recommend you to rent an apartment with other Spanish students. It will help you meet other Spanish people and you will learn Spanish expressions and words used daily at home!

Take courses at University

Of course, each university is different. Most classes in Barcelona’s state universities are taught in Catalan or Spanish. Usually, their international office should be able to provide you with a list of the courses indicating the language in which they are taught. This way, it is up to you to accept the challenge!

Spanish Courses in Language Schools

If you want to go for a more traditional way of language learning, Barcelona has lots of language centres providing Spanish lessons from beginner level to mastery level.
Of course, you might have heard about Instituto Cervantes before. It is the Spanish language institute par excellence.
Barcelona has a number of centres affiliated to Instituto Cervantes. You may find them here.
You may also find all Spanish language learning centres non-affiliated to Instituto Cervantes in Barcelona here.

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Find a tutor

Another possibility would be to find a Spanish teacher who could give you some private lessons. Usually, these classes are conducted online, so they might not be the best choice to improve your Spanish—especially given the fact that you are in Spain!
In Tus Clases you can find yourself a Spanish tutor in different Spanish cities as well as find a linguistic partner! Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Other Spanish Study Resources

Need help conjugating verbs in Spanish and familiarizing with Spanish grammar rules? Check this out!
If you happen to know a Latin language (like French, Portuguese or Italian), Romanica Intercom aims to help you read any of the other 4 Roman languages in this initiative.
The University of Barcelona’s Rosetta Online language courses page. Up to 23 languages!
The YouTube channel The Spanish Blog provides you with free beginner’s Spanish and English lessons.

I really hope you found this blogpost useful! Buena suerte con vuestro aprendizaje!

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more.

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