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5 reasons make Barcelona the best city for Erasmus

5 reasons make Barcelona the best city for Erasmus

barcelona best city for erasmus
What do most students dream about when choosing their Erasmus destination (besides, of course, gaining in knowledge and academic skills… )? Beach ? Crazy parties ? Cheap alcohol (usually interdependent with the previous one) ? Amazing places (to post on Instagram)?
If there is ONE city in Europe that gathers all the previous elements, there is no doubt it’s Barcelona! So if you are still hesitating about the city in which you want to “study” during the next months, don’t look any further. Here are 5 reasons why the Caliente Catalan capital is without any doubt the BEST place to be on Erasmus.

1. La Playa

Erasmus Barcelona La Playa

Do you know many big cities in Europe that are LITERALLY next to the beach (several metro stations bring you right to the sea, and you can get there from the city center in 20 min walking!)? And if you are lucky enough to study in Pompeu Fabra, one of the best ranked Spanish universities, you will have classes a few meters away from Playa de la Villa Olimpica, the most famous beach in Barcelona. As Barça has a mediterranean climate, you will be able to get some tan on the sand during your lunch break and you will spend most of your semester going to university with your swimsuit on.

2. La Fiesta

erasmus bercelona fiesta

Do you remember the 2011 summer hit : « Johnny, La gente esta muy loca »? In case you were living in a cave back then, you can catch up here . Just to say that this very deep video has the merit to perfectly depict the fact that not many cities in the world can equal Barcelona in terms of partying. The city is not only full of amazing bars and clubs for every taste, but its residents – mostly young people, international students and tourists – are always in the fiesta mood. Among the nightlife’s must-do’s :

Opium Mar, one of the fanciest beach clubs regularly ranked among the best clubs in the world for its space and the quality of its music (every week, if not more, a worldwide renowned DJ plays there (Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Axwell, Avicii, Martin Solveig, David Guetta, Steve Aoki and many more). If you like the idea of partying next to some Barça football players or Rafael Nadal, Sutton and Bling-Bling are also worth trying. As these clubs are always full of hot girls and and VIP’s, they are quite selective at the entrance but many Erasmus guest lists allow you to get in for free until 2am. For more alternative vibes, Razzmatazz and Apolo, two discos that Erasmus students usually worship as their parties often get out of control. Razzmatazz is composed of 5 rooms of different styles (Hip-Hop, Techno, Deep House, Indie etc.), while Apolo is famous for its Monday parties (yes, it’s totally normal to rave on a Monday when you live in Barcelona) called NastyMonday, and whoever tried them can ensure you that the name is legit.

3. Cerveza, Sangria, Chupitos

bercelona erasmus sangria

In case you are not much of a clubbing person, then all you need to know is that Barcelona features among the cheapest European cities for drinking, which is one of the most important Erasmus social activities, right ? In many bars (such as the popular L’Ovella Negra where most party-harders love to pre-drink), you can buy litres of beer and sangria for a few euros only, and with an Erasmus student card, you will be be able to enjoy 1 or 2€ chupitos (Spanish word for « shots » and easily on the top 5 of the words you will most hear/use while studying in Barcelona).

4. Tapas

tapas in Barcelona

Besides drinking, you might also need to eat, and Barcelona is the paradise of Tapas. Tapas are a wide variety of appetizers or small dishes from the Spanish Cuisine, such as tortillas, grilled vegetables, octopus, or various meat « croquets ». Since Catalan diners are all about socializing, the idea is to try a lot of different specialties to share with your friends. The most iconic tapa is the patatas bravas, a sort of fried-potatoes plate with amazing spicy sauces, and it’s also the perfect snack for your 6am-post-party craving. In average, tapas cost between 2 and 5E each, which make it possible for the Erasmus student to eat like a king.

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5. Cultura

bercelona erasmus gaudi

Okay, because Erasmus is not ONLY about getting drunk and putting on weight, you will also love Barcelona for the infinite cultural treasures it has to offer. The Catalan capital is a masterpiece in terms of architecture : extravagant monuments from the famous architect Antoni Gaudí can be admired all over the city, and some places, such as the Park Guell, are truly breathtaking. To sum up, you will have places to explore and beautiful spots to discover until the end of your stay there.

But because nothing in this world is perfect, choosing Barcelona for Erasmus has one MAJOR flaw : once you will go back to your home country, you will most likely suffer from a severe post-vida loca depression and all the future cities that you will visit afterwards might seem totally boring.

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more.
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