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10 Barcelona Instagram Accounts To Explore the City

10 Barcelona Instagram Accounts To Explore the City

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Some of the best-kept secrets, little details and breathtaking spots in the world are only known by the locals. That’s why we collected 10 cool Instagram accounts for you to follow to explore Barcelona. These 10 talented Igers share amazing pictures of Barcelona and some of the most outstanding details of Catalonia’s capital.

1. @Monicatorne

From Monicatorne’s perspective, Barcelona has a whole new colour and vibe. Follow her to get inspired!

2. @barcelonafacades

Architects, aspiring architects, architecture lovers: this one is a MUST follow! The city is already awesome, but this guy shares amazing pics of façades. Only façades, tons of façades, colourful façades, shady façades, inspiring and curved façades, angular façades, you-name-it-façades!

3. @bravasbarcelona

Some people study to become doctors, lawyers, architects or marketeers. This guy’s mission is to chase down Bravas in Barcelona and find the ultimate perfect spots to taste this typical Catalonian dish. You can’t experience Barcelona without tasting Bravas and for that reason you should follow this guy too!

4. @barcelonastreetart

Time to wander the streets of Barcelona online! Not that you should avoid going out, but at least you can check the cool street artwork you want to go see for yourself. This is a cool account to follow if you want to do a street art tour around the city.

5. @barrut

This guy is a traveller, photographer and artist. His cool pictures will make you want to start your own artistic path on Instagram. He’s based in Barcelona, but from time to time travels to nearby cities or even neighbour countries. Great inspiration and a source of ideas for cool Erasmus trips. Follow him and enjoy his work, because we already do!

6. @barcelonacitizen

A regular guy like you and I, but with some crazy photos. This guy only tries to show everyone how cool Barcelona is and what’s out there to be explored. An awesome suggestion box for Barcelona Erasmus students.

7. @nicanorgarcia

This is not just another Instagram account. This guy has more than 700,000 followers and he’s almost an official Barcelona account. His work speaks for itself. From architecture to breathtaking cityscapes, this guy is an all-around shooter. We won’t suggest you follow him, because if you don’t, you’re the one missing out.

8. @olocomesolodejasbcn

Foodies, gather around! This account is a kind of Holy Graal for food lovers. Cool tips about where to go for certain types of food in the city. How awesome can that be when combined with stunning pics? We love it, and so will you as soon as you follow this account.

9. @piluro

A lovely bright and sweet way of experiencing Barcelona. The self-proclamed  “Wicked witch” of Barcelona knows how to set a breathtaking scene in BCN. Follow her and if you’re into movies check her other project out: the @Fruistlovefilms, where vegetables and fruits become famous movie stars.

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10. @bcncultura

Who better than the Culture office of Barcelona to keep you updated with what’s going on in Barcelona? This is an institutional account, but still very useful and with some cool photos too. Give it a try.

We love Instagram almost as much as we love Barcelona! Check these accounts out and while you’re at it check out ours, too: @Uniplaces. We’re always looking for new contributors who want to share their photos with the world, so if you feel like collaborating with us, feel free to reach out on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more.

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