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9 Freaky Reasons Studying in Spain could get You Fired

9 Freaky Reasons Studying in Spain could get You Fired

1. You know that punctuality is overrated

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After a year or three studying in Spain, you learn one of the Spanish secrets. Punctuality isn’t all that it’s made out to be. When you go back, people will schedule meetings for 4pm – and you’ll try to be there around 4.30.


2. You can’t function without a siesta

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At midday you’ll get up from your desk. Have an hour long lunch. Take a couple of hours off for a nap. You’re back in the office at three, but all your colleagues are giving you the eye. Your boss wants an explanation and “siesta, hombre” won’t cut it.


3. You drink beer during tea breaks

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Every time you head out with the team for a short break, you get yourself beer from the tap. You don’t even notice that everybody’s asking for waters and teas. Until they stage the intervention.


4. You talk a little louder than everybody else

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No open office will be open enough to accommodate you after studying in Madrid for a few months. People two blocks away from you will have trouble concentrating. Eventually the boss will have to weigh the costs of firing you versus buying a special soundbooth to stick you in.


5. You come hungover to work

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Before you went, you’d go out partying on Fridays and Saturdays, be back home by three. Nowadays, partying every day of the week and coming back at sunrise isn’t insane any more. It’s your way of life.
You’re boss doesn’t understand this, though.


6. You go to parties with your team…

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…and you break out the dance moves from the Fabrik days. Trust me. People will not look at you the same way.


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7. You day dream… a lot

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You’re in the office, and so many of your friends are in Madrid! Every time you sneakily log into facebook, you’re feed will be filled with pictures and videos and status updates from Madrid. After that, your brain takes you places and your productivity drops.


8. You keep asking for holiday time to go back

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Every time you see an airline promotion offering cheap flights to Madrid you schedule a meeting with your team leaders. They’ll start thinking you’re just not into the project as much as the other workers.


9. You Just Don’t Care

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You look at the coworker that gives you the sideways look, at the boss that tells you off, or at your parents when they try to talk you out of it. So what if you walk in halfway through a meeting, party every night, drink a beer with every meal and occasionally walk into work with a heavy head? Who cares if they’ve never seen anybody do that on the dancefloor? And yes, you like to think of your time studying in Spain often, and yes you want to go back, really badly. Those months studying in Spain were the best time of your life and you just don’t care whether anybody else gets it or not.


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