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The best neighbourhoods to live in Lisbon

The best neighbourhoods to live in Lisbon


Have you imagined eating in a Chinese restaurant, having a coffee at a Nepalese and saying hello to your neighbours in more languages than you can count?
Arroios is a multicultural neighbourhood where the modern coexists with the traditional, and the diversity is everywhere you look. This is probably why it was granted the title for the “Coolest Neighbourhood” in the world by Time Out in 2019. Arroios is home to people from more than 90 different nationalities, so you can actually find several restaurants from the four corners of the world, and chinese, indian or brazilian grocery stores with its typical products.

🏘️  The Neighbours:
Arroios is a multicultural neighbourhood which gathers families from all over the world, as well as students!

💙  You’ll fall in love with:
All the different restaurants and coffee shops and stores from all around the world. You can taste the flavours of the world without leaving your neighbourhood!

📍 Interesting points:
Visit Anjos 70, one of the city’s busiest cultural centres, where you can take dance classes or attend film festivals.
At night time go to Casa Independente, this bar, restaurant and concert hall, has a balcony with an amazing view!

🚌  Transportation:
Metro: Green line (Stop: Anjos or Arroios if available)
Several buses which can take you pretty much everywhere!

💶  Average Rent Price: 446€


Looking for a central area from where you can go anywhere? Well, look no further. The Entrecampos neighbourhood is a central area with the perks of having excellent transportation links that allow you to reach any part of the city.
Entrecampos is located between Campo Grande and Campo Pequeno. This neighbourhood is home to many families but many young people as well since two of Lisbon’s main universities (ISCTE and Lusófona) are located here.
This is a traditional neighbourhood but also a very busy part of the city with lots of movement, you can find several stores, bakeries, offices and a shopping center.

🏘️  The neighbours:
You have all the perks of being in a central area combined with the neighbourhood lifestyle, conferred by small familiar business.

💙  You’ll fall in love with:
The amount of bakeries around you!

📍 Interesting points:
Jardim do Campo Grande is a true delight. You can rent a boat on the central lake and enjoy the garden from a different perspective.

🚌  Transportation:
Metro: Yellow line / Stop: Entrecampos;
CP Trains: To Azambuja, Sintra and Norte;
Several buses.

💶  Average Rent Price: 522€



Alameda is one of the biggest and most popular student neighbourhoods in Lisbon. The center of the neighbourhood is a large strip of grass, the Alameda Gardens. Here you’ll find plenty of space to spread out a towel or sit for a picnic. There’s even a cool kiosk where you can sit at a table and order some very cheap, and very cold beers. It’s cool.

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One of Lisbon’s most popular streets, Rua Almirante Reis, stretches until the Alameda area. This street has several bars and restaurants from all over the world. Also, Alameda is the center stage for many of the city’s alternative events.

It is also, by far, the most budget-friendly part of the city.

🏘️  The neighbours:
Alameda neighbourhood is one of Lisbon’s most popular student neighbourhoods, so chances are your neighbours will be IST students.

💙  You’ll fall in love with:
Fall in love with great afternoons in the gardens. Lisbon has 300 sunny days and Alameda is one of the best neighbourhoods in town to enjoy them!

📍 Interesting points:
Saldanha is really nearby! It’s one of Lisbon’s most commercial neighbourhoods. Worth a trip to if you like shopping or are looking for a different place to have dinner.

🚌  Transportation:
If you live in Alameda, getting around should be very very easy. The metro takes you to the city center in about 11 minutes!
Metro Green Line (Stop: Alameda) and Red line.
You also have several buses.

💶  Average Rent Price: 462€

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