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The best neighbourhoods to live in Porto

The best neighbourhoods to live in Porto


Paranhos is located in the north of Porto, which is home to the biggest university campus in Porto, the Pólo Universitário da Asprela. As such, you can expect the area to be brimming with students all day round.
Besides its large student community, Paranhos is also where you’ll find Porto’s Tech Incubator, UPTEC. At UPTEC, there’s always a cool event to take part in or someone inspiring to meet.
The best part about Paranhos is its excellent connection to the city centre — any stop on the yellow line takes you directly to Aliados, São Bento, and Ribeira in minutes. If you prefer to stick around the neighbourhood, have a juicy francesinha at Yuko — open six days a week until 2am!
It’s a calm area but full of students from different universities, so you’ll be able to enjoy the academic environment!

🏘️  The Neighbours:
Students, students, and more students! Despite being full of students, it’s still a calm area.

💙  You’ll fall in love with:
Paranhos is the centre stage for Porto’s entrepreneurial events. Home to UPTEC and the Porto Design Factory, there are all sorts of events for you to attend.

📍 Interesting points:
Visit UPTEC! Here, you can meet some of the most inspiring startups in Portugal in action. Meet new and creative people, and beat them at table tennis.

🚌  Transportation:
Metro: Line D (Stops: Polo Universitário or Hospital São João)
You also have buses which take you to the center.

💶  Average Rent Price: 377€


Bonfim is a residential district and it’s very close to the city centre. This area is getting reinvented, with many artist ateliers, cool coffee shops and restaurants. The neighbourhood emerges in a mix of commercial and residential buildings where the centre and to the periphery converge. Bonfim is getting so cool that one of its old shopping centers, Centro Comercial Stop, has now been converted into a huge recording studio, where the 100 shops are now individual recording studios or rehearsal rooms for artists.

This neighbourhood has two really nice parks — the Jardim do Campo 24 de Agosto and Jardim de São Lázaro. Both of these are great for a stroll and a bite to eat in one of the many cafés and restaurants.

You can also enjoy an amazing view of the Douro River close to the Maria Pia Bridge.

Oh and your gastronomic journey will never end here.

🏘️  The neighbours:
Bonfim is mostly populated by locals and foreigners.

💙  You’ll fall in love with:
The stunning view over the river is absolutely beautiful.

📍 Interesting points:
Maria Pia Bridge is considered one of the most impressive works of the architect Gustave Eiffel.

🚌  Transportation:
A 15-minute walk will take you directly to the city center. However, you also have great transportation links:
Metro: You have 4 metro stops around this area (Heroismo, 24 de Agosto, Marques, Combatentes)
You’re also very close to the Campanhã Train Station.

💶  Average Rent Price: 501€


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Cedofeita is probably Porto’s trendiest neighbourhood at the moment.

It’s also considered to be Porto’s art district, especially Rua Miguel de Bombarda — a street filled with art everywhere you turn, from the contemporary art galleries to murals on the actual street. Every two months, the galleries inaugurate their new exhibitions on the same Saturday, with a popular street party that attracts many visitors.
In Cedofeita you’ll have different plans everyday — go for a quiz night, karaoke or a jam session at Breyner or enjoy a craft beer at Catraio. In Cedofeita you can also find both international brands and smaller boutiques, as well as coffee shops and a food market called Mercado Bom Sucesso. It is close enough to the city centre to be walking distance to the main party spot.

With something always happening, you will never be bored here.

🏘️  The neighbours:
Common amongst young people, this neighbourhood attracts students and local artists.

💙  You’ll fall in love with:
Palácio de Cristal Gardens where you can take a lovely walk.

📍 Interesting points:
Igreja de São Martinho de Cedofeita is the oldest building in the neighbourhood but no one knows when it was built.

🚌  Transportation:
Metro: You have 3 metro stops around this area (Lapa, Carolina Michaelis and Casa da Música);
There are also many buses available.

💶  Average Rent Price: 497€

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