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10 Tips For Saving Money in Porto

10 Tips For Saving Money in Porto

So you want to make more with your dimes? Want to make that dollar feel a lot more than a buck? Want to have more bang with your dough?

Here are some easy tips you can follow for saving money in Porto and to make the most of your time!

Make the most out of your student status

As a student you can reap a lot of benefits around the city, from cheaper movie tickets to special chain restaurant menus to cheaper printing and photocopying requests (the latter only applies to the facilities in your own faculty). Make sure you bring your student card with you or something that proves you are currently a student in Porto, as it may help you save some change.

Find the phone company that better suits your needs

A great deal of cellphone service providers offer good deals for students. Each offering a specific set of plans: some have better data provision and offer free data usage in some applications, some offer better rates for international calls and some base data provision that renews monthly, one offers cross-promotions with fast food and culture brands, as well fair rates, and lastly some offer unlimited communications with all other cellphone providers but has some drawbacks in other areas.

Don’t be a loner (Economies of scale)

Don't be a lone wolf!

These are supposed to be some of the best days of your life, don’t squander them away! Especially not when there is monetary value to be gained from it! I’m sure you have already heard the phrase “sharing is caring”, if you haven’t.. oh well, what people don’t realise about this specific phrase is that the caring part isn’t about the person you’re sharing with, but with your bank account. Because you’re saving. Because when you share a flat it gets cheaper the more people you share it with. Because when you have a big group of people and you negotiate a menu with a restaurant, the cheaper the price will be (or the more benefits you will reap from said negotiation) per person that you book for.

Get a Transport pass

Get a Transport Pass

If you’re thinking that you live within walking distance from your uni and those extra 20 euros (really depends on the plan you go for, ranges from €18.50 to €45.60) could go a long way into making a very memorable night, think again. Porto is a small city, but by no means should public transportation be forgone entirely. Every month there is at least some kind of cultural event that might require moving around. Maybe at a few weekends you feel like taking the metro to downtown and go to some clubs. Maybe you take a bus back. Do this 4 times in a month and you have already wasted 60% of what you would have saved had you not got a pass. But ultimately it is up to you, where you live and how much you feel like experiencing and exploring. As they say, you do you!

Be at the right place at the right time

We all know about happy hours and how much they have influenced the life of students all around the globe. But did you know it also depends on which day of the week it is? For example, on Mondays at Ribeira you can get half a litre of some of your favourite alcoholic beverages for half price. So make sure to ask around and find out what the current trends are before going out!

Welcome to the age of social media

Use Social Media

With the increase in popularity of Facebook, Reddit and Twitter, it has become an oddity to find someone who is not completely involved with any kind of social media. With the rise of social media, a lot of groups have been formed comprising of people from the same university, or maybe people who live near you, or maybe people who are in the same boring lecture you have at 4:20 and the teacher just said “blaze it”. Who knows, but if you are ever in need of a book from your course, maybe some lecture notes, maybe a recommendation for a good place to have a nice meal, social media might just be your best quick fix!

Be a buddy or get a buddy

Be an Erasmus Buddy

ESN (Erasmus Student Network) offers a program to anyone who lives in Porto or who is going to be taking their Erasmus in the city. Not only does it offer an opportunity to interact and meet a lot of people from different nationalities, it also provides a unique experience. Whether you are on Erasmus or live in porto, participating in one of the ESN programs gives a lot of benefits such as having invitations for ESN parties, going on special ESN tours and programs. All in all, it is a great way to meet new people, get in on some special events and have tons of fun while saving a bit on the side.


Eduroam is a service which has become a common practice between most universities in Europe. Allowing students to access the web and university assets via specific VPN’s at public spaces that students commonly frequent in order to facilitate a students day to day. Most libraries and museums are equipped with this wifi as well as all of the universities. But sometimes you may also find eduroam in some unlikely places, allowing you to enjoy internet access at Molhe beach for example, without having to be in a coffee shop paying for that water bottle you don’t actually want, or that cup of coffee that has gone cold because you forgot about it.

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Don’t smoke

Before you start arguing as to why this is on this list, do the math. Just don’t smoke. Enough said.

And lastly, be smart!

Spend wisely

An informed consumer is going to make better decision than an impulsive buyer. And with the easy of access of information brought by the internet, it can become very easy to save up quite a bit by finding out which shops sell the things you want for cheaper, or maybe sometimes ordering something from the internet might just be cheaper than buying it at a local shop. A google search has never harmed anyone. I think.

So that’s it, go out there and make good decisions, have fun and all that. If you want real concrete advice, in the words of a much smarter human being than I: “wear sunscreen”. Trust me, unlike all of my advice, that one has been proven by science. So get out there, be young and foolish, but mostly just have fun and make the most out of what you got!


Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more.

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