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Live Music Bars in Porto for Less than 10€

Live Music Bars in Porto for Less than 10€

Everyone loves going to see live music, but not the expensive price tag that often comes with it. If you love going to watch live musicians whilst sipping a drink or two, here are few bars in Porto that will allow you to whilst respecting your budget!

1. Embaixada do Porto

Located opposite the famous Igreja do Carmo church, this charming little venue may not catch your eye at first. By day it is disguised as a café and record store. However, by night the bar on the first floor becomes a popular spot for youngsters, as each night they play a different music style. From disco and samba to bossa nova, and there are often live performances. 

2. Rua – Tapas&Music Bar

Rua is another bar popular for young people as it’s right next to Espaço 77 which often hosts Erasmus meet up events. From Wednesday to Sunday Rua hosts live music nights, with musicians from all different genres and styles! The atmosphere is fantastic and lively, and it can get quite crowded on weekends, so make sure you show up early with your friends to get a table. Entry is free, the drinks are reasonably priced and they serve delicious tapas if you get a bit peckish whilst watching the live bands! 

3. Maus Hábitos

Maus Hábitos is no doubt one of the coolest venues in Porto, with different indoor and outdoor spaces, a restaurant, a bar… the list goes on. Maus Hábitos is not far from Aliados, on Rua de Passos Manuel, next to Lado B Café (which is known for its Francesinhas). They have lots of different cultural events going on, from art exhibitions to live music. Although the live music events aren’t usually free, they are usually no more than €5 on the door to get in.

4. Hot Five Jazz & Blues Club

If Jazz and Blues are your thing, Hot Five is really cool venue with live music performances from Wednesday to Sunday. It is not far from the Ribeira area, so it’s perfect to wander into after walking or having a drink by the river. The venue is cosy and intimate, with round tables facing the stage and on a balcony above. Jazz sessions are usually held on Wednesday and Sundays, and blues at the Fridays and Saturdays. They also have tribute nights to the likes of Arethra Franklin and The Beatles! It’s €10 to get in, so one of the more expensive on this list, but that does include a drink of your choice so it’s worth checking it out.

5. Mirajazz

Sticking with the Jazz theme, Mirajazz, situated in the picturesque Miragaia district, is located on a rooftop with a stunning view over the Douro river. The entry is free and they have menu of appetising drinks and nibbles to choose from. Watching the sunset over the river with a drink in hand whilst listening to the soothing sounds of live music must be the ultimate way to relax in Porto. As it’s on a rooftop, sometimes performances are cancelled due to the weather so keep up to date with their events page so you know when’s best to go.

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As you can see, Porto has several options for going to see live music that won’t break the bank. Because of the Brazilian influence in Porto, there are many amazing samba and bossa nova bands that are often playing around the city – you just need to keep an eye out! Check out these bars first and then see what else you can discover.

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