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Studying in Lisbon & trying to keep fit? Top 4 jogging spots

Studying in Lisbon & trying to keep fit? Top 4 jogging spots

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Editor’s note: guest writer and former Erasmus student Cristina has been running in the city her whole life. After years of trying out different places, she says these are the 4 best places to go jogging for students in Lisbon.

It happens to the best of us: halfway through the semester and we start to worry about all the weight we’ve put on drinking almost every day and eating every chance we get. You ask yourself: is staying fit while in Erasmus possible?

For those of you studying in Lisbon, it could be – if you want it. You don’t even have to bust your budget on a last minute Gym pass. Want to make your student life in Lisbon a little healthier? Just grab a pair of running shoes and choose a jogging course to go to. To me, these are the 4 best running tracks in Lisbon.

Leave your student troubles at your student home and head to Alcantara for a run
Halfway through your Erasmus and you’ve got a couple of extra kilos? Time for a run by the riverside

Running by the Riverside

This one’s my personal favourite. Trust me: unless you’re under pouring rain, this run will free your mind as well as your body. You can start at the docks (Docas de Alcantara) and run along the river for over 2,5 km. It can get a bit crowded here though, especially at the end of the day when you find many people jogging, fishing, enjoying the waterfront cafés as well as dogs walking their humans. If you feel like pedalling around,  you can rent a bike at BelémBike or a crazy ride from the FunTrack container.

Estádio Universitário de Lisboa

Is it space for running that you want? Space for running you’ll get in this part of the campus of the University of Lisbon. Hit the students’ sports area in town, where you can also find facilities and lessons for a huge variety of other sports. Just enter the park, choose your own circuit through the trees or take one of the signaled trails. Take your time, as it is open until 11 PM and you’ll always find late runners focused on their training.


There is student apartments and Erasmus houses close to Monsanto
Erasmus students can stay fit, all it takes is a little dedication – and nothing says dedication like running up Monsanto


Monsanto is the main park of Lisbon. It covers about 1000 hectares and crosses the city. Go there if you like to run through nature. I recommend you take a friend or two, however, as it’s probably safer. Just in case. Monsanto Park actually offers you several options for pleasant runs:

  • Get a Ride at 6:00 AM – The Hour of the Squirrel

Loucos Trail Running, a closed group you can find on Facebook, gathers every day at 6:00 to cover the park’s tracks for about an hour. Are you one of those students who needs an energy boost in the morning ? Don’t worry, there are others like you. Join the Loucos Trail Running Facebook group and be a part of this team of dedicated runners.

  • Parque do Calhau

You can take the 3,5 km circuit for a run and stop to work out for a bit along the fitness stations spread along the circuit. At the end of the run, this is also a great spot to have a picnic or get a little tanned.

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  • The Green Hall of Park Eduardo VII

One of the things that is so great about Lisbon is that you can be in the city center and still be around nature. This 2,5 km trail connects 51 hectares of green areas, from Park Eduardo VII to Monsanto. You should feel privileged as it’s a 30 year old project that was only concluded about two years ago. Running the whole trail and back is up and down slopes all the way so this one’s for those who are looking for a challenge!

Nike Races

If you live in central Lisbon and have no problems in running through city streets, you can always join the We Run LX team. This team, organised and sponsored by Nike, goes running every Thursday at 8PM. The meeting point is at the Nike Store in Chiado and this is completely free to join. The running circuit changes every week, so this is a great chance to enjoy the city in a different way every week and maybe see some parts of the city you didn’t know yet.

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