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Marquês Neighbourhood Guide – where to live in Lisbon

Marquês Neighbourhood Guide – where to live in Lisbon

Where to live in Lisbon Marques de Pombal

Marquês do Pombal is one of the busiest neighbourhoods in the city. Every year, it is also the home to a large percentage of international students. In fact, a few students don’t known the name of any other neighbourhood before they arrive to Lisbon. Busy and well-connected, you could call Marquês the pulse of the city.

Marques_ Where to live in Lisbon
Many Erasmus Lisbon students stay around Avenida da Liberdade or close to Marquês

Marquês de Pombal: the pulse of the city

It is very appropriate, we think, that you can see the whole city from the top of the statue of the man who built it. Marquês is a lot of things.  It’s one of the city’s main business and financial centres. It’s a transport hub. The roundabout in its centre is one of the largest and busiest roundabouts of the city. It is busy during the day and it jams when it rains.  It’s in that same roundabout that the locals celebrate the biggest football victories. Marquês is almost the city’s perfect middle, so that you’re always very close to everywhere else in the city.

Marquês is the business district

Many of the buildings of Marquês are modern and elegant buildings and this gives the neighbourhood a bit of a more cosmopolitan atmosphere than many other neighbourhoods of the city. Most of the people here will be wearing suits and ties and shining shoes – although at the end of the day and Fridays, you’re most likely to find the ties off.

Where to live in Lisbon Marquês
The famous statue of the Marquis who rebuilt the city after an earthquake and a tsunami destroyed it in 1755

Getting around Marquês

This is quite probably the easiest neighbourhood to get around. You have two of the metro lines at the Marquês station and the other two metro lines are nearby. If you prefer to travel overground, nearly 20 different buses also stop in the roundabout itself, and many more stop in the streets around.  Plus, there are always plenty of taxis around.

Living in Marquês de Pombal: rental rates

Living in Marquês can be quite affordable if you book in advance! Most apartments here are quite large, with more than five or six rooms, and there are many residences in the area. But it is quite a popular area, especially with Erasmus students and other internationals, so all the good and most affordable rooms get rented very quickly. Most residences or rooms in student flatshares go for around €325 to €490, but the best rooms may be more expensive (up to €500 per month upward). What’s really, really expensive is living on your own in Marquês as the high-end apartments here for well-paid professionals are usually around €1000 a month or more.

Where to live in Lisbon: Neighbourhood guides
The Kiosks in Avenida da Liberdade are great spots to enjoy sunny days and warm nights

Fact sheet: Marquês do Pombal

One place to eat: Hot Dog Lovers, in one of the kiosks of Av. da Liberdade. You can imagine what their specialty is, I hope.
Address: Quiosque n.2, Avenida da Liberdade

One place to drink: All the other kiosks of Av. da Liberdade are small pop-up bars with different concepts. These are the most relaxed spots to have a drink with friends in this side of town.
Address: All along Av. da Liberdade

One place to study: the Confeitaria Marquês de Pombal. They didn’t have Wi-fi last time we checked but the tables are large, the coffee is strong and the great snacks (both sweet and savoury) will keep you fuelled through a long study session.
Address: Avenida da Liberdade 244

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A girl celebrating the Portuguese Revolution in Lisbon.

One thing to see: Parque Eduardo VII’s Greenhouse. Built in the 1930s, to house flowers and trees from all over the world, the delicate plants grown here are kept in a (literally) cool environment.

One thing to do: Go spend a sunny day out on Parque Eduardo VII. It is one of the largest gardens of Lisbon and a great place to bring some beach towels, foldable chairs and improvise a picnic.


Check out our neighbourhood page about Marquês de Pombal, with all the available student accommodation listed there!

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