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Best St Patrick’s Parties in Lisbon

Best St Patrick’s Parties in Lisbon

Come celebrate Saint Patrick's day on the best spots of Lisbon

Let’s cut it down to this: Everyone loves St. Patrick’s. Not only because of the all the beer and crazy folk dancing, but because it became a truly international holiday. Thanks to the Irish pubs all over the world, St. Patrick’s is the party you have to go to, no matter where you are.

So, is ‘what to do in Lisbon’ this weekend the question on your mind? Are you wondering where can you actually enjoy a pint of Guinness and get those awesome St. Patrick hats on in Lisbon? The choice is obvious. Head down to Cais do Sodré and get to the best pubs in town.

TOP PICK: True Irish O’Gilins 

This is our personal favourite. With live Irish music, a loud atmosphere and friendly, international staff, O’Gilins is the only true Irish Pub in Lisbon. They claim to have the best Guinness pint outside of Ireland and they always have epic celebrations on St. Patrick’s. The trick is to get there early, before you have to squeeze in, spot the Irish expats and sit next to them. You’ll be amazed with all the singing and you’ll get carried away by the wild atmosphere.
(click here to see their website, and here for their facebook page)

True Irish owned drinks and food spot O'Gilins is our favourite Irish drinking den
Top of the list: the traditional, Irish-owned bar, o’Gilins in Cais do Sodré is our favourite on Saint Pat’s

2nd best Irish Pub in town: Hennessy’s

Also in Cais do Sodré, you’ll find Hennessy’s Pub and Restaurant. This is a great place if you  want to have dinner first and then carry on for the night. It’s a lot bigger than O’Gillins so you’ll have more space here, and there’s also live music. The party here will last for 3 days, with celebrations on the 15th, 16th and 17th!
(click here to see their website, and here to go to their facebook page)

Best St. Patrick’s Party: Fábrica do Braço de Prata

If you’re not a big fan of pubs, singing and tight spaces, we recommend a great alternative at the ‘Fábrica do Braço de Prata’ space. There will be an Irish themed party on Saturday the 15th that promises a lot of dancing. This is one of the best parties in town, organised by a group of traditional dancers, in a very unique spot. The atmosphere is welcoming and vibrant, with live music and exhibitions. It’s definitely a must-go.
(For more information join the event on Facebook.)

St, Patrick’s with a View: Irish and Co.

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There are 3 Irish and Co.’s in Lisbon but the best one is at the waterfront ‘Docas’. Right by the riverside, Irish and Co. is not only an Irish pub but also a restaurant. You’ll find a bit of an international atmosphere, and plenty of Irish drinks. It’s a beautiful setting to celebrate St. Patricks, where you can taste some fine Irish whiskey and enjoy the unique view of Lisbon. If you prefer to call it an early night, this is what we recommend.
(this is their facebook page)

No matter where you choose to go, just enjoy your beer and whiskey and have fun.

It’s not just any day, it’s St. Patricks’ Day.

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