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Erasmus students: Make this weekend in Lisbon the best ever

Erasmus students: Make this weekend in Lisbon the best ever

We all love weekends, we really do. And somehow, those two days never seem to be enough. But, what if you could have the perfect weekend in Lisbon? What if in two days you were to discover the best the city has to offer and do everything you wanted to? Well, maybe no plan is perfect, but this one is pretty close.

A Weekend in Lisbon. Day One: It’s Friday, I’m in love

Take this Friday night to have dinner out with some friends. Obviously, to go for Portuguese food, head to Príncipe Real. There’s a restaurant called Tasca do Urso which is not to be missed. They have portuguese tapas and good wine, so what else could you ask for? Oh, and did I mention the bear? Yes, there’s a huge bear at the front door, and he’s very cuddly.

After dinner, take the time to go to a bar called Park, which is near Bairro Alto. This place is on the rooftop of a parking garage and has one of the best views of Lisbon. 

Best views of Lisbon
Park has one of the best views of Lisbon

Alternatively, and if you’re in the mood for some good music, there’s a concert in Music Box, down in Cais do Sodré. Join the hipster crowd and dance to the tune of american roots music with Matthew E. White, an american songwriter, who will play there at midnight.

If it’s around 2 or 3am and you still feel like dancing, there’s only one place to go to. Lux is a classic when it comes to Lisbon’s nightlife, and this Friday they will be having an Afro-House party, which promises to be lengen… wait for it… dary!!

A Weekend in Lisbon.

Day Two: Saturday, now I’m Ready To Start

If, somehow, you wake up early, around 10 or 11 am, there’s one thing you really have to do. Go to the Feira da Ladra, a portuguese flea market near the pantheon in Alfama. It’s the most traditional street market of Lisbon. It’s full of antiques and quirky people, and it’s a truly unique experience. Be careful with your belongings if you don’t want them to be on display next Saturday – there’s a reason it’s called the thief’s market. And if you want a top tip: bargain as much as you can, you can get some of the best deals in town if you know what you’re doing. 

Flea market in Lisbon
Feira da Ladra is the most traditional street market of Lisbon

After the frenzy of the market, go and grab a few slices of pizza at Primo Basilico. They say it’s the best pizza in the world. I’m not entirely sure about this, but at least it’s Italian made and owned, which is a big plus. Once you’ve had enough pizza, take a walk in Alfama. Get lost in the narrow streets, talk to the old ladies who stare by the window and experience the most genuine neighbourhood of Lisbon.

When the sun is about to set, go straight to Clube Ferroviario near Santa Apólonia train station, for a Gin and Tonic. It’s one of my favourite bars and it has an amazing terrace with a view over the river. Ideal scenario for a sunset in Lisbon.

Clube Ferroviário has good cocktails and amazing views of Lisbon
Clube Ferroviário, has a rooftop terrace and view over the river

Then, I would totally suggest having some friends over for dinner at your Uniplaces apartment. Make some sangria (here’s a tip for a recipe), and cook some pasta. Drink up and head to Bairro Alto and the Erasmus Corner, in Travessa da Cara.


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A Weekend in Lisbon. Day Three: Sunday, a Parklife

Ease in through the pain of a Sunday morning with a great brunch. Head down to Cais do Sodré, and eat one of the best brunches in Lisbon at Café Tati. You won’t be disappointed.

Lx Factory is a creative hub
LX Factory has a vintage street market every Sunday

If you wish to go against the typical Sunday blues, then you must get running. Go to LX Factory and check out the market. It used to be just stores houses, but they have turned it into a creative hub with pretty cool shops, street art and an incredible book store with the best chocolate cake in town, called o Bolo da Marta (We already talked about it here, remember?). On Sunday they usually have a market with second hand clothing and vintage retro pieces.

Lx Factory is a creative hub in Lisbon. Full of artists and quirky shops
Street art on the walls of LX Factory, by Miguel Januário

Once it gets dark head home for a quiet evening, because there’s no place like home (nobody knows this better than us). Settle down and tune in to your favourite movie or tv show.

(Photo Credits: Cover Photo – Park, beautiful photo of Park’s rooftop – Park, Photo of Feira da Ladra by Fran Simó, Photo of Clube Ferroviário – Clube Ferroviário)

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