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The Ultimate ESN Lisbon Guide for New Students

The Ultimate ESN Lisbon Guide for New Students

ESN Lisboa - Erasmus in Lisbon

Lisbon. The city that you chose for your ERASMUS. Maybe because of the sun, the historic heritage or for some other reason. But one thing is certain: You made the best choice of your life! So, first things first:

What should you do when you arrive in sunny Lisbon?

ESN Lisbon Office Bairro Alto
Step 1: Head to the ESN Lisbon office.

Go to the ESN office (Travessa dos Inglesinhos 52, Bairro Alto) to get your ESNcard and your welcome kit. By now you are asking yourself what’s ESN, why should you get this card and what the welcome kit has:

ESN stands for Erasmus Student Network, it was born in 1989 and it’s now the biggest student association in Europe. Our mission is to help exchange students during their international experience in Lisboa, always under the principle of Students Helping Students. We organise several cultural events, trips, parties and much more! All we want is that you have the best time in Lisboa and spread this Erasmus energy!

The ESNcard is the membership card of ESN which means that you can access to all the services offered by the ESN and our partners. With the ESNcard, you will enjoy thousands of discounts (housing, sport, food, bars, etc.) all over EUROPE. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to participate in thousands of events (trips, cultural events, sports activities and parties) all year long (meaning that you can comeback home and still use your ESNcard). The Welcome Kit has everything that you need for your first days in Lisbon: SIM card, Map of Lisbon (we don’t want you go get lost), form for the monthly pass, form for the bank account, a Uniplaces voucher, flyers with the information about what you can expect for this semester: parties, tours, trips and much more!

ESN Lisbon’s miniguide to the Lisbon Nightlife

After getting your ESNcard you are ready for Lisbon’s nightlife!

Right next to the ESN office is the restaurant/bar Espaço Académico (Travessa dos Inglesinhos 50, Bairro Alto), they serve nice food, the staff is young and helpful, the space has a really academic feel. We have themed parties there so you’ll have the chance to experience it!

ESN Lisbon Uniplaces Academico
Espaço Académico de Lisboa is a student classic – and you’ll usually find Uniplaces and ESN staff hanging around there.

Lisbon’s nightlife starts around 22h30 in Bairro Alto and the place to be is the “Erasmus Corner”and the name says it all! Very close to one of the most amazing viewpoints of Lisbon: Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara (we have tons of “Miradouros” make sure that this one’s on your list), this mythic place gathers people from all over the world. If you want to meet new people while having a beer or a sangria this is the place. ESN and Uniplaces workers hang out a lot in this area. (Be careful with the taxis and the trash vans, they pass by the corner a lot, unfortunately).

In Erasmus Corner don’t forget to pass by Apolo XII bar (Travessa da Cara 8, Bairro Alto) and say “Hi” to Senhor Jaime. This is the official ESN Lisboa bar and you’ll probably find tons of ESNers ready to help you (we wear the green hoodies). Don’t forget to bring your ESNcard!

ESN Lisbon Meu EU Bairro Alto Bar
A typical Bairro Alto Bar, Meu Eu is one of the ESN Lisbon favourites

In a few streets down you can find the Bar Meu Eu (Travessa da Boa Hora 50A/52, Bairro Alto) bring your ESNcard and you get 1,5 litres of beer for 1,80€. It’s a lot of beer but they split it in two cups so you can share with your friends.

A bit down in bairro you can find the bar Sentido Proibido 2 (Rua do Diário de Notícias 40, Bairro Alto) or as my friends call it “the Brazilian Bar”. Why? Well, it has live Brazilian music and cheap caipirinhas (and mojitos (again, be careful with the taxis, trash cars…).

By now you’re in party mode! But, sadly, Bairro Alto closes at 2h-3h. So, what are you going to do?

ESN Lisbon Urban Beach Nightclub
Thursday nights are Erasmus Parties @ Urban

If it’s a Thursday you are so lucky because Thursday is the ESN ERASMUS Night! And the Party is at K Urban Beach (Cais da Viscondessa, Rua da Cintura, Santos). This amazing club by the river is one of the most famous clubs in Lisbon. With a terrace and a swimming pool, it’s like a true urban beach.

ESN Lisbon lust in rio
Lust is a Must on Fridays.

If it’s a Friday, what better place to be on a Friday night than in Lust in Rio (Rua Cintura do Porto de Lisboa)? It’s also in front of the river with a great outdoor space. A place to go: good music and a nice atmosphere.

In both clubs you can enter for free until 2 a.m. only with your ESNcard (make sure that you get there before because the queues in this clubs can get a bit long).

Excited? We are too! We can’t wait for you to get to our city and have the best times of your life.

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And don’t forget: if you want to study in any of these cities, wherever you are in the world, you can live rent-free for a whole semester. Just sign up for the Uniplaces Scholarship!

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Editorial note: Photographs submitted by ESN Lisbon.

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