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15 incredible Instagrammers in Lisbon – Time to explore the city!

15 incredible Instagrammers in Lisbon – Time to explore the city!

Best 15 instagrammers in Lisbon

Are you living in or going to Lisbon? Are you looking for instagrammers in Lisbon to follow? These 15 incredible photographers will show you just how beautiful the city can be – sometimes in really unexpected ways.

1 – @suissas

Top 15 Lisbon instagrams

Hugo Suissas is a talented art director from Lisbon that plays with city’s monuments and buildings to create symmetric objects floating in the sky like spaceships. Follow him if you want to have a futuristic and imaginary look over the city.


2 – @voodoolx

Top 15 Lisbon instagrams

José Miguel is a Portuguese designer that captures the minimal side of the city. His photos are smooth, full of light and have precious details of the streets and buildings of Lisbon.


3 – @sejkko

best 15 Lisbon instagrams

Manuel Pita is a scientist and visual artist based in Lisbon that creates in his gallery a kind of a surrealistic world that he describes as Magical Realism. He constructs visuals that exist in places known to the majority but in which he highlights elements that he considers to have a bit of magic.


4 – @mileu

@Mileu : best 15 instagrams Lisbon

Luís Mileu is a photographer and designer based in Lisbon. His photos, almost all in black and white, are full of a darkling mystery and you end up discovering the city trough the citizens ‘s portraits and enigmatic shadows of the landscape.


5 – @hmiguelsousa

@hmiguelsousa : best 15 instagrams Lisbon

Do you know that Lisbon’s unique light that everyone talks about? There is no one that shows that so well as Hugo Miguel Sousa. His photos have a special warm light, so typical of this city, and he usually chooses peculiar scenarios like streets from the old neighbourhoods or building’s facades.


6 – @gnunes

@GNunes : best 15 instagrams Lisbon

Guilherme Nunes is a Brazilian art director living in Lisbon for a few years now. You can feel by his photos how he loves this city because he captures every typical detail, like clotheslines, facades with tiles or street lamps.


7 – @ruicartaxorod

@ruicartaxorod: best instagrammers in Lisbon

Rui Rodrigues photographs a lot outdoor so his photos are all full of Lisbon’s soul. You can find a lot of black and white portraits and routine moments of the citizens and the stories they tell.


8 – @wildoscar

@wildoscar : best instagrammers in Lisbon

Óscar Araújo has incredible well-taken photos around the city and you will recognize a lot of places, like Belém Tower, São Pedro de Alcântara Viewpoint or Portas do Sol. He’s the perfect example of a citizen that makes tourism in his own city.


9 – @brunographique

@brunographique : best instagrammers in Lisbon

Bruno takes photos all around the city and most of the time plays with reflections and original frames. You can almost see the entire city on his gallery because he photographs from Parque das Nações until Belém.

10 – @madmenezes

@madmenezes : best instagrams to follow in Lisbon

Madalena is an architect that shows us a beautiful Lisbon, full of light, mystery and interesting details. She loves the minimal style so most of the photos are simple but absolutely fantastic.

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11 – @anitados7oficios

@anitados7oficios : best Lisbon instagrams

Anita Morais is a talented instagramer from Lisbon and one of the best from Portugal. Her gallery is highly diversified so you can discover the city while you see other creative and funny photos.


12 – @boozina

@boozina : best Lisbon instagrams

Cláudia Dias brings us two sides of Lisbon: the touristic side, with some of the most amazing landscapes that you can see around here; and the daily side, the one that is part of our routines and that’s why is so interesting and beautiful too. She has a special eye over the city, which makes her gallery very singular.


13 – @ana_gil_

@ana_gil_: instagrams to follow in Lisbon

Ana Gil is one of the best minimalist instagramers ever so we are lucky to have her living in Lisbon. You will definitely discover beautiful Lisbon details and see a soft and peaceful city in her gallery.

14 – @tozzzze

@tozzzze Lisbon instagram

António Fonseca is maybe the instagramer with the largest gallery about Lisbon that you will ever know. He photographs every interesting spot of the city and is always the first to catch that nice detail on that street that you would not notice if it wasn’t for him.


15 – @eluzinha

@eluzinha Lisbon instagram

Elsa has some happy colourful photos that contrast with other ones with less colour but more gentle. Lisbon is beautifully delineated in her gallery and is always a pleasure to see some common places where we walk every day.

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more. Did you enjoy our post on the instagrammmers in Lisbon you have to follow? Do you agree with the list or did we forget your favourite instagrammer in Lisbon out? Just drop us a line in the comment section below.
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